​Products A - Z List

Digit & Price

DataTime® DF-1012 Time & Temperature, cabinet or drop-in
Fuelight™ FL-3000 Price, no cabinet (drop-in)
Fuelight™ FL-4500 Price, no cabinet (drop-in)
Fuelight™ FLW-3000 Price, hangs from window frame using a chain connected to attachment points


Digital Billboards

Digital Billboard Matrix Technology & Optimized Technology


ITS Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)

Vanguard® VF-2020 Walk-In DMS
Vanguard® VF-2120 Rear Access DMS
Vanguard® VF-2420 Front Access - Masked Face DMS
Vanguard® VS6 Front Access - Louvered Face DMS
Vanguard® VM-1020 Travel Time / Toll Rate
Vanguard® VS-5220 Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS)
Vanguard® VX-2428 & VX-2420 Front Access DMS - Lane Use DMS


Message Displays

Galaxy® AF-6700 Outdoor Display - Mass Transit Grade
Galaxy® AF-6800 - 4 mm Monochrome Outdoor Display - Mass Transit Grade
Galaxy® GT6x - 8 mm Full-Color Outdoor Display
Galaxy® GT6x - 10 mm Full-Color Outdoor Display
Galaxy® GS6 - 15.85 mm Full-Color Outdoor Display
Galaxy® GS6 - 15.85 mm Monochrome Outdoor Display
Galaxy® GS6 - 19.8 mm Full-Color Outdoor Display
Galaxy® GS6 - 19.8 mm Monochrome Outdoor Display
Galaxy® eCCB - 19.8 mm Red Outdoor Display
Cash/Credit Display Multiple states of fuel prices that depend on the payment method, no cabinet (drop-in)


Scoreboard & Timing

AR-2401 Oval Tracks Horizontal Scoreboard
AR-2402 Oval Tracks Horizontal Scoreboard
AR-2404 Oval Tracks Lap/Time Display
AR-2421 Oval Tracks Vertical Scoreboard
AR-2422 Oval Tracks Vertical Scoreboard
AR-2426 Oval Tracks Vertical Scoreboard
BA-618 14' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-624 16' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-1518 16" Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2005 20' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2010 8' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2014 20' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2017 14' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2019 20' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2022 16' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2023 Pitch Count Displays
BA-2026 36' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2028 36' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2029 36' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2030 20' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2031 Pitch Count Displays
BA-2032 Baseball Indicator
BA-2033 Pitch Count Displays
BA-2034 Pitch Count Displays
BA-2035 Pitch Count Displays
BA-2125 27' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2127 27' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2515 6' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2518 9' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2618 10' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2715 9' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BA-2718 10' Wide Baseball Scoreboard
BB-2109 Two Sided Shot Clock
BB-2111 Three Side Shot Clock
BB-2114 Single-Sided Shot Clock
BB-2115 Single-Sided Shot Clock
BB-2116 Modular Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2122 Portable Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2130 Single-Sided Shot Clock
BB-2131 Two-Sided Shot Clock
BB-2132 Three-Sided Shot Clock
LTS-BB LED Light Strip
BB-2160 Transparent Shot Clock
BB-2161 Transparent Shot Clock
BB-2101 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2102 Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2103 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2104 Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2105 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2106 Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2107 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2108 Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2121 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2123 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2124 Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2125 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2126 Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2142 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2152 Single-Sided Game/Shot Clock with 1/10th Second
BB-2153 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2154 Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2155 Single-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
BB-2156 Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboard
CH-3001 Go Karts Lap Counter and Timer
CH-3002 Go Karts Vertical
CH-3003 Go Karts Vertical Position
CH-3006 Go Karts Lap Counter and Timer
CR-2002 Cricket Basic Scoring
CR-2003 Cricket Enhanced Scoring
CU-2001 Curling Scoreboard
DA-1000 Decorative Accents
DA-1001 Decorative Accents
DA-1005 Decorative Accents
DA-1006 Decorative Accents
DA-1007 Decorative Accents
DA-1008 Decorative Accents
DA-1100 Decorative Accents
DA-1101 Decorative Accents
DA-1102 Decorative Accents
DA-1200 Decorative Accents
DA-1201 Decorative Accents
DA-1202 Decorative Accents
DA-1203 Decorative Accents
DA-1204 Decorative Accents
DA-1205 Decorative Accents
DA-1500 Decorative Accents
DA-1501 Decorative Accents
DA-1502 Decorative Accents
DR-2482 Drag Racing Single Line
DR-2483 Drag Racing Two Line
DR-3682 Drag Racing Single Line
DR-3683 Drag Racing Two Line
DR-4882 Drag Racing Single Line
DR-4883 Drag Racing Two Line
FB-824 14' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2018 18' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2019 18' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2020 18' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2021 25' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2022 25' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2023 25' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2024 32' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2025 32' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2026 32' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2027 32' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2028 36' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2036 25' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2037 32' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-2038 36' Wide Football Scoreboard
FB-4005 10' Wide Football Scoreboard
FT-7150 Aquatics Touchpad
FT-7190 Aquatics Touchpad
FT-7190T Aquatics Touchpad
FT-7240T Aquatics Touchpad
Goal Lights Pro Model & Varsity Model
H-2101 Modular Hockey Scoreboard
H-2102 Modular Hockey Scoreboard
H-2103 Modular Hockey Scoreboard
H-2104 10' Wide Hockey Scoreboard
H-2105 Deluxe Four-Sided Hockey Scoreboard
H-2106 10' Wide Hockey Scoreboard
H-2107 Deluxe Four-Sided Hockey Scoreboard
H-2108 10' Wide Hockey Scoreboard
H-2111 Modular Hockey Scoreboard
H-2112 Basic Four-Sided Hockey Scoreboard
H-2114 Modular Hockey Scoreboard
H-2115 Modular Hockey Scoreboard
MS-915 8' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-918 14' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2002 16' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2004 18' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2006 25' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2009 25' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2012 25' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2024 9' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2025 9' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2027 25' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2028 25' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2029 25' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2030 18' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2031 18' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2032 32' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
MS-2113 Portable Multisport Scoreboard
MS-3918 10' Wide Multisport Scoreboard
PC-2001 Pace Clock
PC-2002 Pace Clock
PI-1 Possession Indicator
PM-2100 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2101 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2102 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2103 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2104 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2105 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2106 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2107 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2108 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2109 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2110 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2111 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2112 Tote/Odds Boards
PM-2113 Tote/Odds Boards
RO-2010 9' Wide Rodeo Timing System
RO-2011 6' Wide Rodeo Timing System
SD-2101 Statistics Display
SD-2102 Statistics Display
SD-2103 Statistics Display
SD-2104 Statistics Display
SD-2106 Statistics Display
SDN-334 Stanchion Display
SO-918 14' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SO-2008 16' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SO-2011 20' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SO-2013 16' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SO-2019 18' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SO-2021 25' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SO-2023 25' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SO-2043 25' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SO-2918 10' Wide Soccer Scoreboard
SQ-2001 Squash Scoreboard
ST-3130 Logo/Sponsor Scorer's Table
ST-3170-5 Logo/Sponsor Scorer's Table
ST-3170-10 Logo/Sponsor Scorer's Table
SW-2004 Aquatics Auxiliary Scoreboard
SW-2005 Aquatics Auxiliary Scoreboard
SW-2006 Aquatics Auxiliary Scoreboard
SW-2007 Aquatics Auxiliary Scoreboard
SW-2008 Aquatics Auxiliary Scoreboard
SW-2008 Aquatics Auxiliary Scoreboard
SW-2009 Aquatics Auxiliary Scoreboard
SW-2101 1 Line Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2106 6 Line Vertical Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2108 8 Line Vertical Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2110 10 Line Vertical Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2116 6 Line Horizontal Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2118 8 Line Horizontal Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2120 10 Line Horizontal Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2206 6 Line Vertical Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2208 8 Line Vertical Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2210 10 Line Vertical Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2216 6 Line Horizontal Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2218 8 Line Horizontal Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-2220 10 Line Horizontal Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-3104 4 Line Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-3108 8 Line Vertical Aquatics Scoreboard
SW-3118 8 Line Horizontal Aquatics Scoreboard
TI-218 Two-Digit Timer
TI-2002 Four-Digit Timer
TI-2003 Two-Digit Timer
TI-2010 Two-Digit Timer
TI-2012 Segment Timer
TI-2015 Two-Digit Timer
TI-2019 Four-Digit Timer
TI-2020 Six-Digit Timer
TI-2021 Seven-Digit Timer
TI-2022 Four-Digit Timer
TI-2024 Two-Digit Timer
TI-2031 Locker Room Timer
TI-2032 Four-Digit Timer
TI-2034 Game & Play Clock
TI-2035 Game & Play Clock
TI-2041 Pitch Clock
TI-2042 Pitch Clock
TI-2101 Four-Digit Timer
TI-2102 Four-Digit Timer
TI-2103 Four-Digit Timer
TN-2501 Single Court 4' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2503 Single Court 8' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2504 Single Court 9' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2505 Single Court 9' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2560 Multicourt 24' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2561 Multicourt 27' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2562 Multicourt 16' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2563 Multicourt 18' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2603 Single Court 8' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2604 Single Court 9' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2605 Single Court 11' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2650 Multicourt 24' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2651 Multicourt 27' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2652 Multicourt 16' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2653 Multicourt 18' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2654 Multicourt 27' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
TN-2655 Multicourt 33' Wide Tennis Scoreboard
VB-2101 10' Wide Volleyball Scoreboard
VHI Visual Horn Indicator
WP-2101 9' Wide Water Polo Scoreboard
WP-2102 9' Wide Water Polo Scoreboard
WP-2103 2' Wide Water Polo Scoreboard
WR-2101 Single-Sided Wrestling Scoreboard
WR-2102 Two-Sided Wrestling Scoreboard
WR-2103 Three-Sided Wrestling Scoreboard
WR-2104 Single-Sided Wrestling Scoreboard
WR-2105 Two-Sided Wrestling Scoreboard
WR-2106 Three-Sided Wrestling Scoreboard


Software & Controllers

All Sport 1600 Sport Controller
All Sport 5000 Sport Controller
All Sport 5100 Sport Controller
All Sport CG Sport Controller
Battery Pack Sport Controller Accessory
Carrying Case Sport Controller Accessory
Radio Option Sport Controller Accessory
DakStats Sport Software
DakTennis Sport Software
Daktronics Data Manager Sport Software
DM-100 Digit Software and Controller
MiLB Interface Sport Software
MLB Interface Sport Software
NBA Interface Sport Software
NFL Interface (GSIS) Sport Software
NHL Interface Sport Software
Price Control Digit Controller
Pro Diving Sport Software
Pro Swimming Sport Software
Pro Synchro Sport Software
RC-200 Console Sport Controller
SI-32 Message Center Controller
Show Control System Live Event Control System
SportsWire 4000 Sports Software
StatCrew Interfaces Sports Software
Vanguard® Auxiliary Panel DMS Controller
Vanguard® Equipment Cabinet DMS Control Cabinet
Vanguard® v4 DMS Control Software
Vanguard® VFC DMS Controller
Venus Control Suite Message Center Software
Venus Control Suite for Out of Home Digital Billboard Control Software


Sound Systems

SSN-150 Sound System
SSN-250 Sound System
SSD-1500 Sound System
SSD-2000 Sound System
Sportsound 200 Sound System
Sportsound 500HD Sound System
Sportsound 1500HD Sound System
Sportsound 2000HD Sound System


Space Availability Displays

DF-2052 Red & Green, 5" or 7" character, (tower)
DF-2053 Red & Green, 5" or 7" character, (drop-in)



Freeform Displays Outdoor Freeform
GKD MediaMesh Displays® Indoor/Outdoor Freeform
Indoor Ribbon Display Indoor Ribbon Permanent
Indoor Video Displays Indoor Permanent Video Displays
LCD Video Walls Video Walls
LED Video Walls Video Walls
Outdoor Ribbon Display Outdoor Ribbon Permanent
Outdoor Video Displays Outdoor Permanent Video Displays