Daktronics Design-Build Services

Delivering Your Concept From Start to Finish

Daktronics has worked on hundreds of major sports and entertainment construction projects over the years. Some of those projects have been new construction, while others have been renovation projects. Many designers and construction managers rely on us for integrated systems that both save money and meet the needs of building tenants and customers for years to come.

What are the benefits of choosing Daktronics Design-Build Services?

We oversee design, manufacturing, and installation, ensuring consistent project management.
You don't have to contract out project management or be the middleman between design and construction.

Dedicated & Experienced

Our dedicated and experienced personnel focus exclusively on the project at hand. Your project won't be slowed down by common mistakes by inexperienced or understaffed management.

Faster Process

Streamlined project planning results in a faster process from concept to installation, so your completed project generates income sooner.

Custom Design

Design engineers collaborate with customers to find the right fit for every venue by providing shop drawings, structure analysis, and control room analysis.

The Design-Build Process – What You Should Know

1. Visioning

We will first work with you to understand and develop the parameters of the project, including style, structural analysis, and preliminary budget discussions.

UCLA - Pauley Pavilion: Working together with the university's vision, Daktronics prepared a few designs and received direction to create something in a classic LA and Hollywood style.

2. Conceptual Design

After understanding the vision of the project, our design team will come up with multiple designs of both digital and static signage.

UCLA - Pauley Pavilion: Our digital artists began a sign design process, and produced six individual designs. UCLA hosted the Daktronics team to present the design ideas in a constructive workshop environment with coaching, marketing, ticketing, and facilities staff.

3. Preliminary Drawings & Budget Check

We will create preliminary shop drawings to focus discussions towards product options and a budget review to make sure costs are kept in check when brainstorming ideas.

4. Detailed Shop Drawings

Once a final design is chosen, our engineers will create shop drawings to ensure they meet the structural guidelines and your approval to progress the project, after which finalized pricing and a project schedule can be determined.

5. Installation Drawings

Once construction drawings are approved, we create detailed shop drawings that are designed for installation and manufacturing.

UCLA - Pauley Pavilion: A dedicated designer was assigned to create the final design for the venue while working with Daktronics engineering, sales, and project management.

6. Manufacturing

Your display will be manufactured and assembled in the same factory from the component level to final calibration.

7. Installation

Our experienced Daktronics employees will staff our project management, installation, and field service teams at your site through the duration of installation.

8. Commissioning

To ensure the display is installed correctly and all of your expectations are met, our commissioning team follows methodical testing procedures with established checklists and customer sign-offs.

Our team of more than 500 engineers and our history of 50+ years in business can help turn your ideas into feasible designs, and our design-build process can help you save costs and deliver your project faster.


Discovering the Design-Build Process

A lot goes into the installation of LED video displays from structural support to electrical engineering. When building a new display system, working with the Daktronics design-build process helps create a partnership to ensure all of these areas are covered while saving time and money.

Hear about the design-build process as we share some of our experiences over the years.


Design-Build in Action

Cleveland Browns - FirstEnergy Stadium

  1. The Browns' owners recognized the creative bandwidth of Daktronics and the value of approaching the project through the Design Build method, so they chose Daktronics to see this project through from design to installation.
  2. The process began with fully exploring the display background of FirstEnergy Stadium, discussing approaches the Browns took in the past, where they were present day and where they wanted to be.
  3. Our engineers and designers collaborated to produce seven unique renderings with different approaches to provide the Browns with an impactful display.

  1. Throughout this whole project, Daktronics guided the Browns through the design process and coordinated meetings between stakeholders in the project, streamlining communication and extensively planning upfront to ensure a smooth path to a finished product.
  2. The finished project totals two main video displays, four sponsor deck displays, fourteen LED ribbon displays, four lower-corner sponsor displays, and one marquee outside the stadium.

Who else have we worked with in the industry?

It takes considerable time and effort to keep up with the latest technology in electronic scoring and timing systems, large screen video and sport sound systems. Our engineering staff works closely with the best designers and builders, assisting with mechanical and electrical design.

We are proud to have worked with leading designers of sports and entertainment venues, including:

  • Hok+360 Architects
  • Heery Sports Group
  • HKS
  • HNTB
  • Populous
  • SinkCombs Dethlefs
  • DLR

What can you do with integrated systems?

Integrated systems include every aspect of the fan experience from digital billboards and marquee displays to LCD screens, and parking information displays to main video and fascia ribbon displays. You can provide a cohesive fan experience at your stadium or arena with total system integration.


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