DAK Score App

Control Your Scoreboard from Your Phone or Tablet

Wireless Control at Your Fingertips

The DAK Score App is modernizing how people control their Daktronics scoreboards for games and practices. Substitute your All Sport controller with the MX-1 interface, and download the app to control your scoreboard from your mobile device.

  • Easy to use for lower-level games and practice
  • No need to unlock a press box or equipment room
  • Quicker setup/teardown time
  • Reduced wear and tear on main control system needed for high-level games

Ready to Simplify Your Scoring and Timing?

Try the App Today and Browse Its Features

DAK score app scaling to fit tablet and phone

Download the DAK Score App for free to see how it works! In addition to scoring and timing for games, DAK Score features a segment timer to ensure your practices stay organized and on time.

Each scoreboard offers slightly different scoring capabilities, depending on the sport and model. Please review our feature guide to see exactly what you'll be able to control from the app.

Find Your Scoreboard Model

Purchase and Install the MX-1 Interface Box

In order to use the DakScore App, you'll need to purchase and install the MX-1 hardware. This box connects to your scoreboard via wire or radio signal, depending on the setup of your current system, and allows your scoreboard to communicate with your phone or tablet.

For example, if your All Sport uses wired connection, you'll need a wired MX-1, and if your All Sport uses radio signal, your MX-1 may use radio as well. 

Use the compatibility guide below to determine how to connect MX-1 to your scoreboard. 


Make Sure Your Scoring System is Compatible

Control Your Scoreboard from the Palm of Your Hand

Once your MX-1 is hooked up to your scoreboard, you can open the DAK Score App on your mobile device and connect via Bluetooth® – then you're ready to enjoy easier game keeping and practice management! 

Our support page offers tutorials by sport and knowledge base articles to help you get started with the app.

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Additional Product Information

MX-1 Specifications

Operating Temperatures -22° to 122° Fahrenheit
(-30° to 50° Celsius)
Power 2W, 0.4 A @ 5VDC (via 120 VAC adapter)
Weight 1.5 lb (0.7 kg)
Dimensions 4.7" H x 6.6" W x 2.8" D
(120 mm, 168 mm, 71 mm)
Construction Gasketed Polycarbonate

DAK Score App Specifications

Device Requirements

Android 4.4 and higher

iOS 10 and higher

Operating Range

50' (15 m) between mobile device and interface box

1500' (457 m) between interface box and scoreboard

Knowledge Base Articles


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