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At Daktronics, we make support simple through Daktronics MySupport. This mobile-friendly, online portal allows you see the progress of your open service cases and order statuses, open new services cases and includes the option of requesting parts and on-site service.

Getting Started with MySupport

Fast access to service details and case activity. Learn more by watching this video to get set up with your MySupport account today!

User Account Login and Password Info:

  • Sign in to MySupport at
  • Follow the prompted instructions for setting up a new account or resetting your password on the login page, found by selecting "Need help? Request account?" to request these details.
  • Requirements: Your password needs to be at least 8 characters with a minimum of of 1 uppercase letter, 2 lowercase letters, and 1 number.

MySupport at a Glance

Home Page

  • Offers an overview of your recent case and part activity, along with quick access to some common requests
  • View updates to your recent case activity and action items with the notification bell guiding you to new case information

Featured Topics

  • Share tips and troubleshooting recommendations from Daktronics.
  • Select related equipment for specific articles to support equipment applications.

Community Discussions

  • Sort Questions from Peers by Recent Activity or Topic in the dropdown.
  • Help other community members by providing suggestions in the comments section of their post.

My Questions

  • Select "Ask the Community" to create a new question to ask peers.
  • Receive notifications about new answers you have received in the Notification Preferences of your User Profile.


  • Cases track unique Service requests for your Daktronics equipment.
  • Identify open cases, on site, and part activity on the first page of the Cases section.
  • Select a current case number to view case notes and next steps.
  • Search for a specific case by using the subset search bar location in the Cases section.
  • Use the Case Status Tracker to identify current case activity.

Cases Creation

  • Request new activity by selecting the Contact Support button from the Home page or from the headings at the top and complete require fields in the case form.
  • Select a different Account that you are associated in the dropdown menu.
  • Choose Technical Support for troubleshooting or Customer Service to assist with ordering parts, scheduling onsite service, or for other details about your case.
  • Include important information about the equipment, symptoms, and your request in the "Ask us anything" field.
  • Knowledge articles will populate based on the information you have provided to assist with troubleshooting.

Case Details

  • View details about the issue, troubleshooting steps, plan of action, and recommended parts in the Issue Identification section of an existing case.
  • Add a new case note to an existing case, by selecting "New Note" in the Case Comments section to include additional information.
  • Add a picture, video, purchase order, or other attachment to tell us more about your case by using the Attachments field.
  • You will receive an email notification when new information is added to your case.
  • View previous notes by clicking on the user link in the case comments section.
  • If you have an onsite service request or technical support request that is urgent, we recommend utilizing our phone support and referencing to the case created.
Mysupport Overview Cases Part Order Activities

Part Order Activities

  • When ordering parts include important details in your note such as the part number, quantity, payment authorization and delivery address.
  • If parts have been ordered or repaired on an existing case, you can view details in the Parts Activity section on either the Home page and within the current case.
  • Note, repairs typically take 4 weeks from shipment at your location to completion and return.
  • Shipment tracking details are sent via email once the part(s) has shipped.
  • Many of our standard replacement components include options for ground, 2nd day, and overnight delivery. State any shipping requests at the time of placing your order.

MySupport Case Statuses

Status: Open

This status is used when the case is first created. Our service team is committed to answering each request within 1 business day. If you need immediate answers due to an event, please call our team with your case information.


Clear requests can be addressed quickly, therefore the more information that can be provided, the further we can advance your request before engaging with next steps or additional questions. Providing screenshots or video attachments to your case can be especially helpful during the initial investigation. Clarifying payment and delivery information when parts or service are needed can quickly fulfill orders, also by providing critical deadlines and need-by dates that can be identified.

Status: In Process

Our Service team is working to complete the tasks associated with your request. This could mean scheduling a technician, ordering parts, or gathering information relating to your inquiry.


If it is unclear what is in process with your request, you can log a new case comment asking for the current status.

Status: On Hold

Daktronics Service team is waiting on additional info to proceed with your request. Review action items in the recent case comments on your case to move forward with resolution.


This status may indicate that we are waiting on payment details to proceed with parts or onsite service; you can request an update by adding a new case comment or can ask a quote with estimated pricing. Payment authorization through a signed quote or Purchase Order can also be included by adding a new attachment below the case comments section.

Status: Parts Ordered

The Service team has setup your part request for fulfillment with our Inventory, Repair, and Shipping teams. You can review where we are at with this request in the Parts Activity section and will receive tracking details via email once the order has shipped.


Notify our Service teams prior to sending components in for repair to ensure items are properly identified and returned. With new part orders include the part number, quantities, and delivery address whenever possible.

Status: Onsite Service

We are working to schedule a field technician to your location to address the request onsite. An email confirming the date of service and approximate arrival time will is also shared with the case contact once service has been scheduled. Keep in mind, the technician’s arrival time is often dependent on part delivery and travel time to your location.


Let our service team know at the time of your request if there are restricted hours for when the technician can be onsite (ex. Monday- Friday 9 AM - 3 PM). Also, if you have upcoming events or other critical deadlines to be aware of.

Status: Resolved

Solutions have been offered or executed regarding the current request in this case. Daktronics has made suggestions and are awaiting confirmation from your team to proceed or have talked through how to resolve the current request and are awaiting feedback that these recommendations solved your request.


You can add new case comments, attachments, or request a Support call if recommendations need to be revisited or when your team is ready to proceed with next steps.

Status: Closed

The case in question has been closed by our Service team. This can be due to billing requests, inactivity on the case, or the issue presented on the case has been resolved.


You can still add notes to a closed case if additional action is needed or reference the previous case number on the new case created for our service teams to review past activity.

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