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With Daktronics, you get much more than reliable, long-lasting digital displays and software. You can also expect personalized service before, during and after you install your LED displays – from permitting and lighting analysis to marketing and ad sales.


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Sign Legislation Made Easy

Daktronics guides you through the process of obtaining permits. We provide sign code issue advice, assist with drafting language and track code situations. We can also advice recommendations for permit requests based on code language. Your Daktronics team can help you dispel the inaccuracies surrounding digital and even gain support throughout the community.

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Lighting Analysis

Digital billboards are often a source of scrutiny, especially when they are near housing developments or apartment buildings. Media owners need to be ready to alleviate concerns of city councils, regulatory committees and residents.

Daktronics offers site-specific light emissions analyses when illumination is a concern. A lighting analysis measures the foot-candles – the amount of light striking a given surface, such as the human eye – to determine the brightness of the billboard both horizontally and vertically. Daktronics offers it as a complimentary service with a billboard purchase.

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Financing Your Way

We partner with financing companies to offer you an unprecedented opportunity: to use and own a premium LED display by making affordable monthly payments. Check out the different ways we can support you:

One Dollar Buyout

Own the sign for $1 after term payments completed.

Municipal Lease Purchase

A solution for city, state, and county entities.

First Amendment Lease

Lower monthly payments with an early buyout option.

24/7 Support

Daktronics offers a wide range of maintenance and warranty options, customizing service packages for each customer. With our extensive network of trained technicians, you always receive the fastest and most reliable service possible.

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Ad Sales Strategizing

Let our team of ad sales experts help you meet your business goals. We believe that a digital billboard should be 50%-100% sold out prior to even installing. Get a one-on-one webinar with our team to hone in on the strategy that's best for you. Learn about industry trends, creative content ideas, sales strategies, ad grid options, the benefits of digital for advertisers and more.

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Creative Services

Create your own content following industry best practices or teach your advertises to design high-quality content using our Digital Content Best Practices Guide. Or, see the content our Creative Services team offers.

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Marketing Your Product

Daktronics can provide you with content to use for your own marketing efforts. If you want drone footage or photos of your digital billboard, we will ensure you receive the highest-quality assets.

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