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A digital display is a powerful advertising tool for your organization. Use it to connect to your community and your customers with content that gets their interest. People are hard-wired to notice images and movement. Using this in your display content will help generate a response from them. Daktronics understands that display owners are busy and managing their content is not their top priority. That is why we provide content support for our customers. We want you to get maximum results for your LED sign with minimum effort.

Content to Fit Your Needs

Building Blocks

By combining 400+ media kit backgrounds, 127 new still and animation backgrounds, and more than 225 graphic elements, Daktronics media kit building blocks provides what no other LED manufacturer does for a content offering: unlimited message creation. Our creative services team works to consistently develop and expand our graphic element packages. All of the content is available to customers with a Galaxy GS6 or GT6x display at least 40 pixels high.

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Media Kit

Each Galaxy display comes with a free media kit. With over 400 stills and animations, you can create thousands of pieces of content immediately after your display order is completed and Venus Control Suite account has been created.

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Content Packages

Your money-making campaign or efforts to reach your community is just a click away. View and download content from our easy-to-use online store. Created by our creative services team, content packages range from retail to seasonal, charitable offerings to social media, and more. Search content packages by display size to find the perfect package for you.

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FrameWrx by Daktronics is a content design platform that enables anyone, anywhere to leverage professionally designed templates that users can customize to elevate their brand, amplify advertising and influence customer decisions. Businesses and organizations can reimagine the way they use digital with this cloud-based, timesaving platform that simplifies content creation, maximizing the power of digital displays and social communication.  

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Custom Content

Are you interested in custom stills or animations? Work with our experienced digital artists to create one-of-a-kind content for your business.

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Custom Content

Content Management

Do you own or want to own an LED display, but don't have the time or staff to manage the content? We have great news for you. Our services gives you the benefit of an LED sign without the time commitment, leaving your mind at ease. Our dedicated content management team will create content for you, handle schedule changes and provide you with proof-of-play reports.

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Content Creation Guides

Content Best Practices for LED ThumbnailGuide for LED

This guide will teach you how to successfully design content for your display. We'll break down the entire content process, describing how to communicate your message more effectively through good design principles.

Download the Guide for LED

LCD Content Creation Guide ThumbnailGuide For LCD

Use this guide to help you understand the best practices when creating content for LCD displays. From design principles to branding to operating our software, we will walk you through the whole process.

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Digital Campaign Best Practices Guide

To help you develop a digital advertising campaign for your LED display, we created a guide with tips on creating the best-possible content. We’ll focus on establishing your goals, planning the campaign, and creating content to build a long-term advertising strategy.

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