LED Displays For Churches / Worship

Elevate Your Worship Experience

As more members seek an experience in their worship, technology serves as a tool to make it happen. Daktronics has decades of experience working with worship leaders, so we understand the needs of your audience and strive to build affordable, yet long-lasting display solutions.

Outside, LED message centers continue to be a staple, attracting those driving by with upcoming events, services and inspiring people in their daily lives. Within the church walls, worship leaders have mere seconds to capture attention. That’s why a growing trend is digital signage. Pairing powerful messages and motivational music with the crisp, vibrant colors of LED video leaves lasting impressions to fill your seats each week.

How Can Your House of Worship Use LED Signage?

Update exterior digital signage quickly and easily to promote:

LED marquee sign for methodist church

Your information to passersby

Digital welcome sign at Catholic church and school

Service times, Bible studies and classes

Digital display outside New Life Church

Your upcoming messages and special events

LED message sign at lutheran church and school

Encouraging verses to the community

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Wondering how to get people to your church?

Our customers say LED digital displays help them reach front-door audiences faster and attract more visitors then they ever imagined.

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Enhance your worship services with LED video displays by:

Indoor LED video display for worship service

Running live video of your worship team and speakers

Indoor large TV for church service

Ensuring every member has the best seat in the house

Indoor LED video board for church

Adding a dynamic visual experience to your messages

Digital display behind church seating

Attracting younger members using cutting-edge technology

Tech Note Preview

See How LED Outperforms Projection

Download the LED vs Projection tech note to see how they compare in brightness, ambient light, contrast, and overall replacement costs.

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