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Columbus Blue JacketsColumbus Blue JacketsColumbusGP0|#40c7aaee-23ba-4b79-a333-32104f811649;L0|#040c7aaee-23ba-4b79-a333-32104f811649|Ohio:OH;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d

Indoor LED Video Displays

Taking color and contrast to exciting new depths.

Premier indoor properties demand vivid image detail and wider viewing angles. Daktronics indoor SMD LED displays have a jet-black display face allowing for unparalleled brightness and contrast levels—making for sharper images, deeper colors and a brighter display picture. Our revolutionary lightweight module design makes for quick, convenient display installation.


  • The SMD (3-in-1) LED package provides wider viewing angles and extremely close viewing distances.
  • Advanced video processing produces crystal-clear, detailed images with smooth motion reproductions.
  • Image feeds delivered in both standard and high-definition formats.
  • Full-depth image calibration in the factory and in the field provides for a uniform display picture.
  • Integrates seamlessly with a variety of other Daktronics video products.
  • Versatile pixel pitch selections from 1.2mm to 20mm, capable of ultra-high definition (UHD) resolutions and beyond.



Make a Bold Impression

New Possibilities with NPP LED Video

Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED displays provide new opportunities for content previously restricted to LCD screens. With crisp detail and vibrant colors, these displays can be used as interior design elements to create luxurious space to feature digital art and advertising.

See the Possibilities

High-resolution indoor video displays feature SMD (3-in-1) LED packages that provide wider viewing angles and closer viewing distances to prominently display exciting video replays and animations, colorful graphics, and text messages.

Display zoning and video overlays offer prime real estate to recognize sponsors and share game information.

Learn more about Indoor Video Displays



Daktronics Sports Marketing provided all the content we needed, so we just added some extra bells and whistles. The display was the talk of the town, with lots of comments on instant replay.Chuck PoeVideo Production TeacherCamdenton High School
We run live video, instant replays, player intros, game highlights, commercials, announcements and even had a wedding proposal! Chuck PoeVideo Production TeacherCamdenton High School
Daktronics coming up with a solution will help future teams who are upgrading to the HDR world have a smoother install. They continue to improve and be on top of their game. Jami ItiavkaseDirector of ProductionCincinnati Reds






LAX Displays DisplaysDaktronics displays engage, entertain and inform passengers as they move through the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at LAX.
DC West High School West High SchoolDC West High School in Valley, Nebraska, replaced their old scoreboard with a video display from Daktronics. They look forward to getting fans on their feet – especially when students start running the board. The school also plans to work with Daktronics Sports Marketing to find sponsors and generate revenue for their school. Take a look!
Daktronics Digital Press Backdrops Digital Press BackdropsJoin the growing broadcast trend in sports with a Daktronics LED press conference backdrop. Exceed your sponsors' expectations and show additional information during press conferences using our latest fine pitch display technology.


Pixel Configuration:
RGB 3-in-1 SMD

Lifetime (.5 brightness):
100,000 hours

Calibrated Brightness:
1,600-2,000 nits (cd/m²) adjustable depending on the line spacing selected

Horizontal Viewing Angle:
170º (80º off center)

Vertical Viewing Angle:
6-20 mm are 140º (+60/-80º off center)
4mm is 170º (+85/-85º off center)

Color Capacity:
16 bit, 281 trillion colors


Which line spacing option is right for your location?

Line-and-column spacing is the distance between pixel centers on a display. Line spacing can also impact clarity and intensity at certain distances.

1.2 mm UHD

Min. Viewing Distance: 0.8 m (2.7 ft.)

Line-and-Column Spacing: 1.2 mm

Vertical Viewing Angle: 160º (+80/-80º off center)

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 160º (80º off center)

1.9 mm UHD

Min. Viewing Distance: 1.3 m (4.27 ft.)

Line-and-Column Spacing: 1.95 mm

Vertical Viewing Angle: 160º (+80/-80º off center)

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 160º (80º off center)

2.5 mm UHD

Min. Viewing Distance: 1.8 m (5.91 ft.)

Line-and-Column Spacing: 2.6 mm

Vertical Viewing Angle: 160º (+80/-80º off center)

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 160º (80º off center)

4 mm SMD

Min. Viewing Distance: 3.2 m (10.51 ft.)

Line-and-Column Spacing: 4.66 mm

Vertical Viewing Angle: 170º (+85/-85º off center)

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 170º (80º off center)

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6 mm SMD

Min. Viewing Distance: 4.54 m (14.89 ft.)

Line-and-Column Spacing: 6.60 mm

Vertical Viewing Angle: 140º (+60/-80º off center)

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 170º (80º off center)

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10 mm SMD

Min. Viewing Distance: 6.81 m (22.35 ft.)

Line-and-Column Spacing: 9.91 mm

Vertical Viewing Angle: 140º (+60/-80º off center)

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 170º (80º off center)

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15 mm SMD

Min. Viewing Distance: 10.9 m (35.75 ft.)

Line-and-Column Spacing: 15.85 mm

Vertical Viewing Angle: 140º (+60/-80º off center)

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 170º (80º off center)

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20 mm SMD

Min. Viewing Distance: 13.62 m (44.69 ft.)

Line-and-Column Spacing: 19.81 mm

Vertical Viewing Angle: 140º (+60/-80º off center)

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 170º (80º off center)

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