Indoor LED Video Displays

Taking color and contrast to exciting new depths.

Premier indoor properties demand vivid image detail and wider viewing angles. Daktronics indoor LED displays have a jet-black display face allowing for unparalleled brightness and contrast levels—making for sharper images, deeper colors and a brighter display picture. Our revolutionary lightweight module design makes for quick, convenient display installation.

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New Possibilities with NPP LED Video

Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED displays provide new opportunities for content previously restricted to LCD screens. With crisp detail and vibrant colors, these displays can be used as interior design elements to create luxurious space to feature digital art and advertising.

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LED Video Displays for Arenas

High-resolution indoor video displays feature SMD (3-in-1) LED packages that provide wider viewing angles and closer viewing distances to prominently display exciting video, replays, animations, colorful graphics, and messaging.

Display zoning and video overlays offer prime real estate to recognize sponsors and share game information.

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Pixel Configuration:
RGB 3-in-1 SMD

Lifetime (.5 brightness):
100,000 hours

Calibrated Brightness:
1,600-2,000 nits (cd/m²) adjustable depending on the line spacing selected

Horizontal Viewing Angle:
170º (80º off center)

Vertical Viewing Angle:
6-20 mm are 140º (+60/-80º off center)
4mm is 170º (+85/-85º off center)

Color Capacity:
16 bit, 281 trillion colors

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