ITS Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)

Reliable DMS Products Built to ITS Industry Standards

Since 1988, Daktronics has led the way in DMS product development. Vanguard® products fit any ITS application and offer industry-critical reliability, legibility, and serviceability.

Front Access

Daktronics designed front access DMS for simple maintenance, durability and impressive versatility.

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This display's popular walk-in, masked face design provides excellent legibility and safer maintenance.

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Rear Access

This full-featured rear access DMS has a masked face and sliding rear doors for easy access to internal components.

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Cost-effective solution to prolong the life of your display and also the opportunity to upgrade your display.

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Compare recommended applications, cabinet styles and specifications of our Vanguard products.

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Application Specific Dedicated DMS

Lane Use

A 20 mm masked face DMS configurable with power components in-cabinet or on-ground.

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Travel Time/Toll Rate

A thin profile and road-side cabinet make this display an innovative solution for showing road statuses, toll rates and travel times on static signage.

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Variable Speed Limit

Highly-legible, MUTCD-compliant digits allow this display to be an integrated, enforceable and affordable part of any traffic management system.

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Learn more about the technology behind dynamic message signs for intelligent transportation systems.

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