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Video Walls

Video walls transform any blank wall space into an engaging and informative digital platform. Retailers and corporate offices alike are adopting video wall technologies to tell their story. There are two primary technologies available for video walls, and Daktronics offers both. In fact, no other vendor offers this depth of product for video walls.

Create an Ambience

Video walls give you a medium to bring impactful imagery into your space from anywhere–from your backyard to halfway across the world.

Beautiful, dynamic content encourages people to stay longer in the space and imprints the experience in their memory.

Drive Revenue & Activate Consumers

LCD Video Wall Install Photo

Video walls provide dynamic content opportunities for advertisers, sponsors and self-promotion alike.

Drive buying behavior with attention-grabbing content promoting specials and high margin items and make changes to your messaging quickly and easily with easy mobile-friendly control at your fingertips.



The video wall that has been installed at the Operation Center here allows us to have a cohesive, complete view of the entire picture of a very complicated battle space - this is the cutting edge.Mark GriffithDirector of NursingJoint Medical Operations Center
The addition of Daktronics’ video walls enabled PTC's Corporate Experience team to bring our technology story to life in a new and modern fashion.Tom SullivanSenior Manager, Corproate ExperiencePTC
The beautiful video wall in our school gives us creative ways to communicate with students and community at our home events. Eric NeeCAA, Athletics and Activities DirectorSun Prairie Schools
We appreciate ADFLOW listening to our needs and making those adjustments to the program to meet those needs. Eric NeeCAA, Athletics and Activities DirectorSun Prairie Schools
The display itself is quite stunning as you walk into our high school, highlighting our student-athletes in a very impressive way.Eric NeeCAA, Atheltics and Activities DirectorSun Prairie Schools

Communicate Important Information

Instantaneous updates equal peace of mind for travelers and commuters. Video walls show critical wayfinding information for people on the go to stay updated in real-time.

Which technology is right for you?

LED Product Installation

Make a Big Impression with LED

The rise of narrow pixel pitch LED has diversified technology options for close viewing digital media applications. LED technology is ideal for applications which require:

  • Dazzling brightness that can be viewed easily in high ambient lighting
  • Large square area with completely seamless image quality
  • Unique shapes such as curves and corners
  • 7-10 year lifetime

View LED Video Walls

LCD Product Installation

Get LCD as a Cost-effective Alternative

For a more budget conscious approach with equally impressive results is Daktronics line of narrow bezel LCD solutions. Our ADFLOW-powered video walls can:

  • Span content across multiple and varied displays in an array of configurations
  • Display content across all, some, or one screen
  • Add touch experience to your location to enhance customer engagement and interaction

View LCD Video Walls

Start Your Personal Consultation

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