Vanguard® v4 Standard Software

Install Vanguard Standard on laptops to bring powerful diagnostics, testing, and message creation to the field. Vanguard Standard is designed to complement the skills of technicians as they visit DMS for routine and critical maintenance.

Vanguard Software

Controls any NTCIP-compliant DMS

  • Any DMS configuration
  • Variable speed limit signs and Vanguard VM-1020 DDMS
  • Portable NTCIP message displays


  • Create quick, professional messages with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Manage each display's font database
  • Create flashing messages and enable beacons
  • Change the DMS brightness level manually or automatically
  • Preview messages


  • Locate pixel failures instantly with an in-software visual representation test
  • View status, errors, and problem codes of all DMS subsystems
  • Verify and troubleshoot malfunctions at the pixel level
  • Initiate pre-programmed pixel test patterns and diagnostics tests
  • Monitor environmental status using all DMS sensors


  • Real-time verification of "on" pixels
  • Username/password restricted access to functional areas
  • Built in security levels for easy setup


Vanguard Standard is licensed per PC installed. Licenses provide one free year of software maintenance, including upgrades and bug fixes. Additional yearly licenses and maintenance contracts are purchased after they expire.

System Requirements

Recommended Hardware:

2.0 GHz or higher
8 GB RAM or more
2 GB HD space or more
CDROM or internet for install
1920 x 1080 high color 32-bit display

Required Software:

.NET 4.7.1
SQL 2014 Express

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012, Windows 10


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