All Sport® Pro

When it comes to game day it’s best to keep things simple. That’s why Daktronics developed the new All Sport Pro software suite —the only control system on the market to combine video operation and scoring into one device.

The laptop is designed with portability in mind. Operators can unplug from the press box and create their show anywhere. Load content, create Display studio buttons and more – the options are endless.

One Device. Simplified Operation. Tailored to Your Level of Play.

With 3 different experiences in one solution, the afternoon game can be set up for a less-experienced
operator, and when it's the varsity team's turn, the event can go full-scale with no additional effort required.

One Operator Scoring

Tailored for beginner users, the "Scoring" experience expands your pool of scoreboard operators.

  • Recruiting event operators made easy thanks to everyday, what-you-see-is-what-you-get software.
  • Minimize prep time with simple setup for varying levels of game-day operations.
  • Enables administrators to restrict access to video board operation, leaving operators more confident.

Operators can choose to control the game either by laptop OR tablet.

One Operator Scoring

One Operator Scoring & Video

Basic Video & Scoring enables operators to keep track of score while easily showing animations and pre-recorded video on the video board by simply clicking a button.

  • Provide simple video board animations while still scoring, using a preset number of “hot” buttons.
  • Offer a variety of content beyond the score:
    • Announcements
    • Sponsor ads
    • Game day animations
    • Video
    • Game-related content

Operators can choose to control the game either by laptop OR tablet.

One Scoring & Video

Two Operator Scoring & Video

When it's time to fire up for the main event, Daktronics control systems make it possible with the use of a laptop for video control and a basic tablet for scoring.

  • Create display content and animations with Content Studio using a laptop to enable updates anywhere, anytime.
  • Display unlimited amount of prerecorded video and animations using “Smart” buttons.
  • Video input.

Operators NEED TO USE BOTH a laptop and tablet to control the game.

Two Scoring & Video

Download the Brochure

Daktronics combines the power of our proven Show Control video production system with the scoring reliability of the trusted All Sport scoring console into one laptop. View specifications and find out how to integrate this software in your facility.

Download the Brochure

All Sport Pro Brochure


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