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DakClassroom empowers teachers to provide students with the skills, experience and confidence to succeed in event production during their high school careers – and beyond.

Our detailed event production teaching guide helps educators build their programs from day one. The CTE-aligned curriculum enables students to learn technical terminology and understand Daktronics equipment. When they experience event production in high school, they’ll be better prepared for collegiate-level production.


Teacher Guides

Provides the tools to teach the world of event production.


Lesson Plans

CTE aligned lessons in each chapter with a wide range of teaching materials, including videos, projects, assessments, and more.


Interactive Simulations

Students get hands-on experience with the control system without ever leaving the classroom.


Member Exclusive Videos

Inspire students with real world examples, showing professional insights, facility tours, tips and tricks, and engaging stories.

Coaching and Consultations

Daktronics provides specialized coaching tailored to suit your production or classroom needs. DakClassroom members can choose between an event production consultation with a network of experts for advanced coaching sessions, or classroom activities with ability to consult with experienced educators to help set goals and navigate challenges.

Benefiting Both Educators and Students



Online Curriculum

DakClassroom offers the only video board curriculum of its kind, bringing video production, graphic design, and live broadcast learning to the classroom. It is an effective part of CTE learning, introducing technical terminology and production requirements for a game day production like the pros.



Member Exclusive Videos

DakClassroom members can learn from industry experts as they share their production insights and industry knowledge, get virtual behind-the-scenes facility tours, discover tips and tricks, and benefit from engaging stories. These videos are made with students in mind to engage, inspire and ignite their interest in sports entertainment.



Community Building Opportunities

When you enroll in DakClassroom, you are part of an exclusive community of educators that come together to learn and grow. Connect with peers around the area and across the country. You can share tips, collaborate and stay up to date on the latest trends.



Video Summit Access

A DakClassroom membership offers educators access to our Daktronics Video Summit, where you can discover the newest Daktronics technology. Attend virtually or in person to learn from industry experts and fellow educators. You even have access to the videos in your DakClassroom portal, so you can view the information afterward.



Crew Connect

Once students gain experience with Daktronics equipment, they can reach the next level through this innovative program that builds connections with universities that use the same Daktronics event production technology. Students with a passion for event production can discover opportunities to take it to the next level, earn money and enrich their education.



Showcase Student Achievements

Display their best work and gain insight from educators and students from other schools. You may even get inspiration to incorporate exciting content in your event production. Students can earn recognition for best data content, best production showcase, best sponsor content, and more!



Completion Recognition for Students

The DakClassroom curriculum aligns to National CTE standards, so educators can award students with a certificate of completion at the end of the semester – a strong addition to any resume to highlight their skills and enhance marketability.



Hands-On Experience

With the DakClassroom curriculum, students learn how to operate the same equipment that college and professional stadiums use. They also have the opportunity to practice the skills they learn with the equipment in your stadium or gymnasium – giving them a head start on an event production career.

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