Digital Displays for the Petroleum Industry

Increase Profits From the Pump to the Store

Fuel prices are the biggest reason customers stop at your facility, but their visit doesn't have to stop there. Lead your customers from the pump into the store with text and graphics of fresh food and salty snacks, making them want more than just a full tank.

Enhance Your Brand

There are many marketing mediums you can use to drive sales. The most effective mediums capture your audience on-location. Digital signage is the one advertising medium that can’t be turned off, unfollowed, or skipped over.

Use your display to:

  • Modernize your facility's appearance
  • Quickly change fuel prices and messages
  • Display prices from long distances
  • Attract attention by promoting specials
  • Stimulate impulse buys

Influence Customer Decisions

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61% of consumers pay at the pump. Digital signage is a tool to persuade customers out of their car and into the store, ultimately driving profits. Many store owners have turned to digital technology for their solution to increase customer decisions and ultimately, drive profits. Learn more about how digital influences customer decisions.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the largest adult generation – and it comes with a changing perception of expectations for the local convenience store. Today's customers require personalized and engaging experiences. And digital displays play into that – aiding in the overall ambiance and changing what people buy through suggestions at the point of purchase.

We set out to find a solution that would separate us from the average convenience store.

Michelle Reeves, Marketing and Promotions Manager of Dash-In

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Amplify Your Advertising

The four "P's" of marketing are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. It's important to invest in each of these elements to ensure your businesses' long-term success.

Digital signage is a marketing tool that hits each of the "P's" and can amplify other advertising efforts – your rewards program, mobile app promotions, car wash specials, etc.

See How Digital Displays Enhance Your Marketing Mix


Reimagine with Digital

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Learn how to put digital displays to work for you – making the right impression at just the right time. Attract attention with LED and LCD displays, inside and outside. See how your business can improve the customer experience, influence their decisions, and enhance your brand.

Here are some of the other discoveries in store for you:

  • Why digital signs beat static every time
  • How to improve the customer experience at every step of the journey
  • How digital can amplify every advertising dollar
  • How to easily control content across an entire digital network

Reimagine Your Business

Stay on Top of Fuel Price Changes

Venus Control Suite for Message Displays

Galaxy GS6 displays pair with Venus Control Suite. With no software to download and no operating system compatibility concerns, you simply drag and drop files directly into the media library and organize them in a playlist to quickly schedule your campaigns.

Venus Control Suite

Galaxy® GS6 Fuel Price Data Kit 

With this data kit, owners program the Galaxy GS6 to show both fuel prices and in-store promotions at the same time, on a single display.

Fuel Price Data Kit

Fuelink Control Kits for Price Displays

Update prices quickly with multiple wireless and wired options. Can integrate into a Point-of-Sale system for automatic updates.

Fuelink Control Kits

Our Fuelight and Cash/Credit displays interface with the leading Point-of-Sale systems:

  • Wayne
  • Allied Electronics
  • VeriFone
  • Gilbarco Veeder-Root
  • Radiant Systems
  • Fiscal Systems

Content Made Easy

Daktronics makes creating and posting content to your display easy. Create content on your own using Venus Control Suite or choose from the many packages available on our website.

How to Create Content Browse Content Packages

Petroleum Content

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From October 1-4, Daktronics will be in Las Vegas for the NACS Show. In the Exhibit Hall, you'll see the latest LED and LCD technology in action, as well as have the opportunity to chat with our representatives about applications that could benefit your convenience store.

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