Fuelight Petroleum Price Displays

Daktronics comprehensive line of FuelightTM gas price displays are specifically designed for the petroleum industry with high-contrast, full-height, broad-stroke digits that provide clear and highly legible fuel prices. The displays feature energy-efficient LED technology with outstanding visibility and impressive viewing angles.

Replace your changeable copy board with a FuelightTM price display. Travelers can see the highly visible LED digits from a long distance, and you can instantly update fuel prices with the FuelinkTM controller. Our LED gas price displays interface with several Point of Sale (POS) systems making updates easier. With Fuelight price displays, you have the option of updating display and fuel pump prices from a single location.


FL-3000 Price Display

Drop-in design with full-height digits

  • Fully sealed components
  • Highly visible, programmable font

View the FL-3000


FL-4500 Price Display

Specifically for international customers

  • Fully sealed components
  • Drop-in display design

View the FL-4500

Add-on option available for FL-3000 and FL-4500 displays.

Advertise incentives for customers to use cash or debit payments by adding a cash/credit display to your signage. Your business benefits by reducing your credit card fees.

Cash Credit Display


Cash/Credit Display

This product allows you to advertise different prices for different types of fuel payment.

  • Three standard messages available: "Cash," "Credit" and "Debit"
  • Customization is available with support of up to three different price states
  • Available in red or green LEDs

View Cash/Credit Display

Convenience stores now have the ability to easily promote fuel in their window using the FLW-3000 LED digit display. Designed for a street-facing window, the product shows up to four fuel grades and prices.

  • Window-digit design with 5" digits
  • Shows up to four fuel prices
  • Operates as a simple, stand-alone display or integrates into POS system

View the FLW-3000


Petroleum Resources

Looking for more information about price displays? Check out our petroleum resources for white papers, literature and manuals to learn more about LED display benefits.

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