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Transportation Displays

Where are Daktronics products being used in the transportation industry?



Flight information display systems, way finding, drop off, security, parking, directories, entertainment.




Traffic Management

Leading the way in intelligent arteries, freeways, bridges, tunnels, facilities and variable speed limits.

Traffic Management


Mass Transit

Public Transport

Scheduling systems, advertising, platform notifications, and more for rail systems, buses and waterways.

Public Transport




Integration with vandal resistant displays for facility entrances and exits, interiors and space counting.



Looking for a specific product?

Daktronics offers the industry's widest selection of LED displays.



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LCD Screens/en-us/products/lcd-displaysLCD Screens
Airport Signage/en-us/markets/transportation/airportsAirport Signage
ITS Dynamic Message Signs/en-us/products/its-dynamic-message-signsITS Dynamic Message Signs

Airports In Motion

The world has moved on from when visual displays at airports were just about flight times. Immerse travelers in an unforgettable experience with eye-catching digital display designs.

Airport Solutions



Notre entreprise a commencé à travailler avec Daktronics, anciennement Data Display, dès 2006, dans le cadre du système Audio Visual Public Address (AVPA). La qualité des produits est toujours exceptionnelle et l’assistance toujours parfaite. Nous continuons à recevoir des compliments sur la qualité des écrans utilisés et la collaboration avec les équipes Daktronics est très agréable depuis le début.William Valentin IIIChef de projet - Assistance du centre de contrôleSoutheastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
We as a company started working with Daktronics, formerly Data Display, as far back as 2006 as part of the Audio Visual Public Address (AVPA) System. My initial work with them was with our 30th Street Station Regional Rail sign improvement project in 2012 and since then we have worked on several other projects. The product is always top quality and the support is always top notch. We still receive compliments on the quality of the displays being used and it has always been a pleasure to work with the staff at Daktronics.William Valentin IIIProject Leader - Control Center SupportSoutheastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
I've been with London Underground for 13 years and when I first joined we used to have to write all our service updates on a whiteboard. Since those days we have had the introduction of our ESUBs (Electronic Service Update Boards) which has really helped us not only in terms of the visibility and the tidiness of it all but also in how quickly we can update our messages and give our customers real time information. Oxford Circus station is the busiest station in the Underground having approximately 98 million customers coming through every year, close to 300,000 a day and one of our main problems is in the afternoon peak where we have a lot of customers coming through in a very short period of time. Because we are so busy we often must put station control in which means keeping customers outside unfortunately, and one of the problems we face is giving customers that information, explaining why we are doing it. We now have Daktronics RGB's in place which gives us the opportunity to provide the customer with the information that they may want in real time. Yousif RossiArea ManagerLondon Underground, Oxford Circus
Daktronics displays offer better flexibility, visibility and efficiency over static signs. Because we are a unique airport with a different operating model in terms of common use, we absolutely need that flexibility. David LoganDirector of Operations and MaintenanceOrlando Sanford International Airport
The price difference between full-color and monochrome was marginal and provided a foundation to expand with forthcoming projects.Chris HilyerAlabama ITS Program Manager for ALDOT

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