Create a Traveler-Centric Airport with Digital

Daktronics LED video display technology provides a reliable canvas for airports that focus on the traveler. With the effective use of indoor and outdoor installations, airports can do more than move travelers from point A to point B.

Improve the Passenger Experience

Deliver real-time updates and provide direction for travelers for a safe and pleasant journey every step of the way.

Optimize Operations

Leverage the power and flexibility of digital technology to provide efficiencies and streamline airport operations at all points, from the roadway to the gate.

Create a Sense of Place

Design an immersive environment that engages and entertains travelers as they move through the facility.

Explore LED Technology for Airports

rednering of airport with digital signage inside and out

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Baggage Claim

Provide instant status updates on arriving baggage and related flight information, while keeping travelers engaged with imaginative imagery.


Provide advertisers opportunities outside with billboards and digital furniture. Inside, use displays around the airport to reach every passenger.


Communicate airline information and wait times, while improving the experience with impactful imagery.

Flight Information

Using LED technology ensures at-a-glance viewing clarity from any angle so travelers can plan ahead.

Curbside Information

The proper signage makes drop-off and pickup more efficient, with clear airline information and instructions about routes and time limits.

Boarding Gate

Airports or airlines can make the wait more pleasant by showing destination photos or videos while keeping travelers informed quickly and easily.

Guidance/Help Desk

Make sure travelers can find information desks, TSA officials and even security with attention-grabbing LED displays. Effective messaging may even eliminate the need to wait in line.

Parking Guidance

Provide real-time information about rates, space availability, charging stations and handicap accessible parking.

Roadside Marquees

Enhance airport branding and welcome travelers before they start the journey.

Over-the-Road Signs

Travelers can stay informed on their way to the airport with dynamic signs suspended over roadways, ensuring smoother traffic flow. Real-time information can include traffic conditions, simple navigation and lane closures.

Experiential Landmarks

Provide an immersive experience that fits in with any architecture. Our premium indoor narrow pixel pitch products provide high brightness and contrast levels for optimized image detail, while cutting-edge chip on board technology minimizes energy consumption and improves reliability.

Retail and Restaurants

LED video display content makes it easy for stores to attract attention and let travelers know about specials or sales. Once people are inside, it’s easy to keep the conversation going with behind-the-counter displays such as menu boards.

Eye-level Messaging

Robust technology provides the opportunity to use street furniture or wall displays for interactive content such as advertising, wayfinding, real-time messaging or even art and entertainment.

Cellphone Lots

Provide real-time flight information to waiting drivers. Keeping them informed about flight arrivals, delays, and baggage claim times enables more efficient pickups and reduces unnecessary idling time.

Immersive Environments

Today’s travelers expect more at every step of their journey. They have access to entertaining content at every moment, and LED technology can play an integral role in engaging them as they move through an airport.


Creative content and LED technology blend entertainment and information, giving airport facilities the ability to immerse travelers and become exceptional destinations.

LED video technology is architecturally flexible, with the ability to create interactive experiences in strategic spaces, including columns, ceilings, walls and more.

Self-Service & Automation

Upgrading key areas with clear, effective real-time information can increase efficiency and improve the overall traveler experience. From interactive wayfinding to self-service bag drops, airports are finding new ways to automate the travel process.

LED displays behind the ticketing counter provide flexibility. Airports can easily create a common use ticketing system by changing content to allow different airlines to use any counter. Regional airlines can borrow a counter from a major airline for a few hours or a chartered travel agency flight can be branded periodically to aid in traveler wayfinding.

Providing simple, step-by-step instructions empowers travelers so they can drop off their own baggage, freeing up airline staff and speeding up the entire check-in process.

LED backwall ticketing and self-service bag drop

The Denver International Airport features LED displays as part of their state-of-the-art baggage handling system, decreasing the average passenger transaction time by nearly 50 percent.
Explore the DEN project

hanging wayfinding sign with motion content examples

Dynamic Wayfinding

Wayfinding displays allow for real-time updates, keeping travelers informed and able to quickly adapt, minimizing travel frustrations. These displays can easily provide travelers messaging about flight and gate information, baggage claim and transportation directions. 

LED displays are visible in any light, with an expected lifespan that’s twice as long as LCDs.

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