All Sport Control Consoles

Daktronics control consoles feature liquid crystal display (LCD) screens to provide operators with visual feedback. Features of the All Sport® control consoles include a time-of-day display mode, 1/10 of a second timing and optional radio control to eliminate the need for signal wire. The All Sport® 5000 and 1600 series consoles have memory retention in a case of accidental loss of power.

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All Sport® 5100 Series

The All Sport® 5100 series is easy to read, simple to use, provides timing accuracy for any event.

Weight: 7.5 lb 
H: 4.25" W: 16.25" D: 9"

  • Used for rodeo, motorsports, and track scoring & timing applications
  • Interfaces with transponder and infrared photocell systems for displaying times up to 1/1000th of a second
  • Backlit LCD, snap-action buttons, and LED indicators provide instant user feedback
  • Durable construction ensures the console will operate in almost any setting

All Sport 5100

 All Sport® 1600 Series

Weight: 4 lb 
H: 4.25" W: 8.5" D: 9"

  • Designed for small, basic scoreboards
  • LCD display guides the user and provides vital feedback
  • Commonly used functions and a quick start guide located on the face of the controller

All Sport 1600

All Sport® 5000 Series

The All Sport® 5000 series controllers are versatile units designed for intermediate and large scoring systems. The All Sport® 5000 has color-coded keys and a large backlit character display.

Weight: 7 lb 
H: 4.25" W: 16.25" D: 9"

  • Designed to control larger scoreboard systems
  • Works for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, tennis, track, wrestling, volleyball, martial arts, boxing, cricket, and water polo
  • Color coded keys and a large character display with a quick start guide provide easy operation
  • Easily change sports by entering a new code and switching the removable button layout
  • Incredibly durable construction

All Sport 5000


All Sport Radio Option

  • Uses a 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio, which offers increased security and reduces the chance of interference
  • Eliminates the need for signal wire to the scoreboard
  • Features 64 non-interfering channels, allowing you to operate multiple independent radio systems at the same time
  • Controls adjacent courts or gyms at the same facility without interfering with one another using Daktronics exclusive multi-broadcast feature

All Sport Radio


All Sport Carrying Case

  • oft-side cases and ABS high-impact plastic cases protect your controller during transport
  • Smaller, clear cases for the All Sport 100 and All Sport 1600 protect the controllers while in use
  • Available for every model of All Sport controller

All Sport Carrying Case


All Sport Battery Pack

  • Provides a completely wireless power solution
  • Comes with a black cloth storage bag with a carrying strap
  • Smart charger plugs into the battery when not in use
  • Operates the controller for 24 hours when fully charged

All Sport Battery Pack

RC-200 Console

The RC-200 wireless system controls a variety of small scoreboards and timing displays.

Weight: 0.4 lb 
H: 4.7" W: 2.7" D: 1.2"

  • Versatile wireless controller for baseball, basketball, football, multisport, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and aquatics applications (Wired JC-100 controller also available)
  • Removable button inserts allow for easy switching between sports
  • Operates using a 2.4 GHz radio with an internal antenna and rechargeable battery


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