LightDirect Digital Billboards

High image quality with light mitigating technology

The Neighborhood-Friendly Digital Billboard

Daktronics LightDirect digital billboards are a solution for prime display locations near residential areas. This innovative technology narrows the viewing cone of the display, blocking light emissions to surrounding areas and targeting only the intended audience.

How does it work?

LightDirect uses strategically placed louvers to limit light output from the sides, addressing municipal requirements for digital billboards. Within the viewing area, image quality is crisp and clear for motorists and pedestrians – day or night. The light from the billboard is alleviated the moment the viewer leaves the specified display area. This provides a neighborhood-friendly approach to digital billboards without compromising the viewability for the intended audience.

Why Choose Daktronics LightDirect?

Optimized Light Output

Designed to target light toward the audience while preventing any stray light to other areas

Proven Technology

Uses the same reliable, tested components as all other Daktronics products

Integrated Smartlink Control

Dual access to provide remote power and control of display

Light Sensing Technology

Multi-directional sensors automatically adjust brightness maximum display quality and energy efficiency

12-year Support

Part support throughout life cycle, up to 12 years after manufacturing

Industry Standard Modules

Uses 400mm x 400mm LED modules

LightDirect uses the same proven technology our over-the-road transportation market has been using for years, meeting Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to focus messages on specific traffic lanes. Daktronics provides LED displays for multiple markets with many different applications, allowing us to share technologies to provide a large basket of product offerings.

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