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Leasing to own is a flexible payment option. Daktronics partners with financing companies to provide affordable methods for purchasing video displays. Choose a schedule that works for you and own your product after paying it off!  Payments don't begin until after your system is fully installed and operational. We structure the leases as Tax Exempt Municipal Lease Purchases.

Multiple budget cycles stretch your dollars.

No down payment also helps your budget.

Fast application process saves you time.

Purchasing Co-ops

Save time and money in the buying process through your state and national purchasing cooperatives. Skip the bidding process with Daktronics' approved bid and know you’re getting a quality product for the right price. Ask your local sales rep how you can secure your project through any of our approved local purchasing cooperatives.

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Sports Marketing

Don't leave money on the table. Our Sports Marketing team will show you how you can cover your monthly payment through sponsorship revenue and maximize your opportunity to exceed that. All additional revenue goes back to your athletic program to cover other needs. No commissions, no fees.

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