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Sports entertainment teams today are challenged to deliver an in-venue experience that generates revenue and amplifies fan excitement, without surpassing the production team's capacity.

When you want to unlock new possibilities, count on Daktronics Show Control.

Daktronics Show Control

How Our Solution Helps You

Bringing together fan engagement, revenue generation and production efficiency to create an amazing show is in our DNA. With several decades of providing innovative solutions for live events entertainment, our Show Control solution provides a powerful interconnected system designed to meet your needs now and grow with you in the future.

Show Control Interface

For Moments Big and Small, Count on Daktronics

React quickly to big moments as they happen.

To react quickly to big game moments, your equipment needs to be reliable and software needs to be easy to understand. Show Control helps minimize stress and maximize impact on game day with a flexible user interface and reliable hardware design. Additionally, our Professional Services team offers technical, creative, operational and business solutions to help you provide a great fan experience with unburdened focus and creativity on game day.

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Goosebumps Guaranteed

It's not just about buying the worlds' best video display. You need a solution specifically designed to maximize your investment for years to come. Feed the anticipation and excitement on game day by amplifying big moments with your entire display system. 


Results Delivered

Advertising opportunities exist all around your venue. Fans may be getting concessions, arriving late to the game, or wandering around the concourse. Show Control can put any content, anywhere, empowering you to take advantage of these digital advertising opportunities.

Ad Grid with Venus Control Suite

Proof of Play Reporting

Any Content, Anywhere

Our new data effects feature makes it simpler than ever before to draw your fans’ attention to data with broadcast-like effects, including roll, fade, flip, flash and color change.

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Content Layering Example

Show Control in Action


Crowd-Sourced Light Show with LED and Mobile Integration

Create an exhilarating game-day experiences and generate more revenue by syncing mobile device content with Daktronics LED displays. This technology empowers you to send synchronized light shows, live trivia games, coupons and more to fans' smartphones, all without the need for additional equipment.

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