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Show Control Studio combines an easy-to-use display control interface with powerful content composing, state-of-the-art playback hardware, cutting-edge image processing and dynamic data integration to offer a complete set of powerful production tools all in one package. Show Control Studio is designed to suit all your LED display needs. 


User interface to control content playback.

Template editor designed to combine graphics and data.

A real-time, non-linear, 2D/3D template editing software.

User interface to integrate data sources. 

Cloud-based or locally hosted display management tool.


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Digital media player used for scheduled or live control with live 3D render engine.

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Rack-mounted video processor/display interface used to send and refine signals to a display(s).

Display Studio

Easy To Use Interface for Content Playback

As a complete control solution, Show Control Display Studio gives operators the freedom to instantly
deliver multimedia to any destination throughout your facility. Easily control video displays, ribbons,
concourse monitors, fountains, lights and more with the simple click a button.

Customizable Workspaces

Create and save customized workspaces to fit your personal workflow and organizational preferences. Design, layout, and organize buttons on pages, tabs and containers. Customize the size and location of buttons or include for easy visual reference thumbnails. Change the background and color scheme to create a workspace that is unique to your team or venue.


Smart Buttons

From playing basic animations to launching advanced scripts, smart buttons enable users to instantly deliver an endless variety of multimedia and control commands. Quickly and easily script each button with our intuitive step by step button creation wizard. Once buttons have been created, use the "broken button" search feature to ensure that everything has been created effectively.

Smart Buttons


Easily view your data sources to track and ensure they are connected properly. Make your production more streamlined by controlling or allowing the system to be controlled by other products.


Show Control Interface

However you prefer to operate, customize the system to fit you.

Want to monitor all your displays in the monitor wall? Make it happen. Prefer one container with all your buttons? Do it. Prefer to use multiple containers with separated buttons by their content and use? Set it up that way. Prefer your smart buttons to display specific information and react to rollovers? You can do that too.


Select any frame from a piece of content for easy recognition.


Press a single character or series of characters on the keyboard to trigger buttons instantaneously.

Button Count

Add badges to your buttons to see how often they are being used.

Resizable/Collapsible Buttons

Resize or hide buttons on the workspace as needed to customize the interface based on user preference or to highlight frequently used buttons.

Quick Display Queue

Organize multiple clips into one button, multiple buttons into one tab and multiple tabs of one container can make up the entire content of one event.

Button Search

Quickly locate a button on any/page or tab using this search field.


Content Studio

Content Compositor that Combines Graphics & Data

Content Studio allows users to combine images, animations, text and real-time data for game in progress
layouts, insert graphics, lower thirds and more.

Flexible Environments

Edit, trim, arrange and stylize presentations in a flexible editing studio that features both storyboard and timeline-based production environments.

Story Board View

Storyboard View

For advanced presentations containing multiple layouts, storyboard editing allows designers to organize and rearrange different layouts into a storyboard sequence. Once a sequence is laid out, designers can apply a variety of graphic transitions between individual clips to provide a smooth, seamless transition from clip to clip.

Timeline View

Timeline View

Flexible timeline editing allows designers to arrange video clips, animations, images and text on a linear timeline where they can adjust the in and out points of each presentation element. A variety of zoom and viewing options makes it easy to zoom in on individual presentation elements for precision adjustment.

Importing Assets

Import Assets

Support for all major multimedia types allows designers to import, edit and layer a variety of different graphics, animations and video clips.



Create more interest in your content by layering multiple objects within one layout. Separate objects can be sorted and brought forward or sent backward at any time.



Convenient inline text editing allows designers to place text frames on any graphic layout. Once placed, the frames can be resized (link to shrink to fit info) and layered to fit design specifications. Text can be edited and formatted at any time, giving designers the flexibility to instantly update layouts.

Drag-&-Drop Real-Time Data

Real-time data (RTD) integration allows designers to drag-and-drop data enhanced text fields onto any graphic layout using a collection of programmable sports and information data profiles. When displayed, RTD fields show live, up-to-the-second team and individual player scores, statistics and much more.

Real-Time Data

Transitions & Effects

Graphic Transitions

From fades and dissolves to scrolls and wipes, an extensive bank of clip transitions allows designers to create broadcast quality presentations with smooth, eye-pleasing transitions. An additional bank of video effects allows users to add a variety of real-time effects to any clip in a layout, making it easy to create polished, movie-like presentations in minutes.

Data Transitions

Apply transitions to data fields to create a more dynamic layout or call attention to the change in information.


Camino is a flexible, intuitive, real-time 3D template authoring system. The system includes full Unicode support, advanced text formatting, support for multiple graphic file formats, video and audio clip playback, real-time keyframe based non-linear animation, 3D objects, and 3D DVE. Rich, dynamic, content can be easily generated to create a unique look for your sports Score Bug.

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Data Studio

Set Up, View, Compare, & Output Stats

Easily integrate with the industries largest data library to enhance game action by showing predictive, seasonal and career stats, as well as league scores and social media content.

You can now combine data with text fields into one element, including real-time data, stats, and media RTD.

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Data Studio

Venus Control Suite

Create Zones Within a Display Canvas

Maximize display potential by dividing a display screen into multiple zones to enable zone-specific content scheduling of stats, videos, ads, prompts and more. Venus Control Suite automatically implements zones to digital media players.

Creating Zones Gif


Optimal Effective Scheduling

Attract advertisers of all sizes, with varying needs and budgets, while maximizing revenue.


Impactful Reporting

Proof of play, proof of play with game in progress, event proof of play, scheduled content report, version report.

System Health

System Health

Get diagnostic information on your digital display from computer to module components.

All-In-One Control

All Sport Pro

The All Sport Pro laptop is designed with portability in mind. Operators can unplug from the press box and create their show anywhere. Load content, create Display studio buttons and more–the options are endless.


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LED Media Players

DMP-8000 Series Hardware

Daktronics DMP-8000 series digital media players distribute content, including real-time data, graphics, animations, and live video to digital display networks. They composite content onto a video output to seamlessly deliver playback to a single display or multiple displays.

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DMP-8000 Hardware

Software Included

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Additional Software Available

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Video Processors

VP-6000 Processor

LED displays are fundamentally different from flat panel monitors and projectors; they produce color
differently and are unlimited in resolution and aspect ratio. We’ve applied our experience with LED
displays to create our 6000 Series processing engines which easily convert and route signals to your LED
display system, showing high quality video content clearly, smoothly and vibrantly.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast signal transmitting to display with low latency
  • Pixel-accurate color and motion reproduction
  • Signal is delivered to the exact size of your display, scaling content to exact dimensions

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Quickly track game, season and career statistics and compile detailed reports with DakStats. In addition to recording, the unrivaled display capabilities of DakStats make it easy to show live stats on LED displays for fans in the stands or online so anyone around the world can follow the game action.

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