Real-time, Non-linear, 2D/3D Template Editor and Playout Server

Camino is a powerful 3D rendering system for live-to-air broadcast graphics, capable of up to 4K character generation. High-end features combine with excellent ease of use to deliver an exceptional system for your broadcast graphics requirements. 

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive user interface is similar to leading motion editing and 2D drawing software, making it fast to master. Regarded as easier to learn yet more powerful than mainstream character generators. 

Real-time Graphics

Camino’s real-time graphics overlay can be applied to tickertapes, scoreboards, schedule boards, program junctions, and TV show promotions. Graphics overlay may be done via predefined templates, which may then be populated with live data during playout. This makes real-time rendering of data-driven graphics possible in news and sports events. 

Camino Workflows

Camino streamlines production workflows from template creation, to data-driven clip and graphics playout. 

Template Editor

Use Camino’s intuitive template editing tool to create simple to complex layouts and compositions by positioning, overlapping, and customizing built-in objects like graphics, text, clips etc. For example, presenting a row of sports scores with a graphical background. 

Real-time Preview

Preview templates with test data prior to playout using Camino’s many preview capabilities including timeline preview, VGA preview, output window preview, and Make Movie. 

Play-out Server

Use Camino’s Intelligent Interface Protocol, SOA automation interface, and live operator capability to take your templates to air. 

Online v. Offline

Using Camino’s Online version provides broadcast quality audio/video in digital SD or HD format. The offline version of Camino allows the user to create template-based content on a standard PC that can then be used for playout using Camino Online. 

Core Features

  • 4K, 1080p, 720p and SD Support 
  • NTSC & PAL Support 
  • Graphics, Clips and 3D Objects Importer 
  • 2D & 3D Primitives 
  • Real-Time Key-Frame Animations 
  • Real-Time 3D Scene Lighting 
  • Timeline-Based Audio Support 
  • Data Mapping to External Sources 
  • Transition Logic 
  • Automation Controller Support 
  • Stereoscopic 3D rendering 

Key-Frame Animations

Timeline editor gives you complete control over the motion of your objects through keyframes. The curve editor gives you power over the acceleration and deceleration of your motion for truly custom transitions. 

2D & 3D Object Support

Full support for import of standard 2D images with alpha channel. Built-in 3D objects include sphere, cube, and cylinder, as well as the ability to import your own 3D Mesh objects from popular 3D modeling packages. 

Transition Logic

Achieve seamless transitions between templates and perform look-ahead live data oriented actions, with template based transition logic, or backend data inspection. 

Animation Curve Editor

The Animation Curve Editor gives creators full control of keyframe values changing over time. Allowing for smooth or complex animations previously only available in non-real time compositors. 

Real-time 3D Lighting

Directional, point and spot lights can be applied to 3D objects and rendered in real-time, including changing the color of the light source via automation. They can also be animated on the timeline, creating incredible effects. 

Software Clip Player

Play large animation files instantly, streamed from disk, mapped with real-time data to effortlessly create stunning visuals. 

Additional Features

  • Shader-based effects and materials 
  • Real-time data mapping 
  • Supports a range of hardware for Video IO 
  • Rich API for custom application development Stereoscopic 3D rendering 
  • Licensing via USB hardware dongle & electronic delivery 
  • Controllable via automation protocol 

Supported File Formats

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Quick Time


Technical Resources

Access guides, manuals and software updates.

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CAMINO is included as the template editor for the SportsApps with the Live Book GFX. 

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CAMINO is included as the template editor for the SportsApps with the Live Server GFX. 

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