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Show Control Live provides products designed for video production with easy-to-use workflows and powerful features for streaming and broadcast applications. Solutions are pre-packaged into application-specific configurations for your video control room utilizing video outputs.

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Dual channel multimedia broadcast clip server designed for live production.

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Portable graphics solution.

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Rackmount graphics solution.

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In-Venue TV Broadcast Solution.

Live Products Comparison

Purpose Live Book Logo
Portable Graphics Server
Live Server Logo
Rackmount Graphics Server
Live Clips Logo
Rackmount Clips & Graphics
Hardware Platform Laptop    
Rackmount Computer  
Software Included Display Studio    
Content Studio    
VTX Real-Time-Render Engine
Camino Optional
Venus Control Suite    
Capabilities Channels 1 or 2 2 2
Output NDI or SDI NDI or SDI SDI
External Key/Fill
Internal Key
Play Clips    
Play Graphics
Traditional CG Workflow  
Show Control Integration    
External Trigger Support (RossTalk / Pbus)    
Fullscreen Playback
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Live Book GFX

Portable Graphics Solution

The Live Book GFX™ is designed with flexibility in mind to fit every production environment and facilitate evolving work flows. Whether you're broadcasting over IP, or using SDI for internal or downstream keying, the Live Book GFX™ will be able to adapt to your environment.

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Live Server GFX

Our custom rackable systems can be built with the memory, GPU, and Video IO combination that will satisfy even your most demanding project's needs.

  • Flexible Graphics--Intuitive suite of Score Bug playout applications
  • Reliable Solution--Proven technology runs on hundreds of systems 24/7/365
  • Real-time 3D Editor--Powerful template editor included for limitless customization

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Sport Apps - Broadcast Graphics Software to create and play data-driven custom graphics. The SportApp™ suite connects to data feeds from various scoreboard controllers and league sources to assist broadcast operators with accurate information and graphics for the sport or league being aired. SportApps are available exclusively on the live book or live server platform.

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Live Clips

Multimedia Broadcast Server System

Live Clips is a dual channel multimedia broadcast server system, designed for game entertainment and live production. Streamline your workflow with professional, broadcast-quality playback of unified clips with video, audio and alpha keying.

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Live Channel

Never Miss a Moment

Live Channel brings the excitement and live action to the entire stadium with real time broadcasting directly to your TV network. When you expand your digital presence, you extend your reach over fans and attract more sponsors. In-venue broadcasting catches the action of the game with attention grabbing graphics, targeted messaging, up to the second game updates, and impressionable advertisements that will draw in more fans, sponsors, and advertising revenue.

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Check out our Show Control Studio product family!

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