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With a Sound System

Daktronics sound systems seamlessly integrate with dynamic scoring and video displays in indoor and outdoor sport venues. Our professionals have over 35 years in the audio industry and have designed and installed 200+ projects from professional sport teams to large colleges and universities to smaller high schools and parks.

Indoor Sports Sound Systems


Sportsound 150

Specially designed for small indoor gymnasiums. The single-point system provides even coverage and levels capable of overcoming crowd noise.

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Sportsound 250

Provides high speech intelligibility and quality music reproduction with even coverage and levels capable of overcoming crowd noise. The single-point speaker cluster is suspended above center court, while the control enclosure is wall mounted remotely.

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Outdoor Sports Sound Systems


Sportsound 200

This sound system is an affordable and reliable outdoor speaker system made to withstand all weather conditions.

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Sportsound 500HD

This complete sound system is designed to provide high-impact sound reinforcement for a variety of smaller outdoor facilities, including football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and track.

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Sportsound 1500HD

This audio system provides a complete single-point sound system, with a broad coverage pattern and a high decibel rating for medium sized outdoor venues.

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Sportsound 2050HD

This audio system uses a complete, single-point sound reinforcement system designed for demanding outdoor environments such as stadiums and municipal sports venues.

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Portable Sports Sound Systems



Sportsound SSP-100

This portable speaker system is designed to provide high speech intelligibility and reproduce full-range music wherever it's needed, indoors or out.

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Increase your sponsor footprint with audio facade.

Cover any size sport sound system with acoustically-transparent and visually pleasing LED video. Generate more revenue with advertising and sponsor messaging by optimizing additional digital space.

Excite your fans with clear audio throughout the game and a new avenue of generating revenue for your school. Bring fans to their feet and sponsors to the edge of their seat with crowd prompts and sponsor information on the front of the audio system through an audio facade.

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Custom Audio Solutions

Our audio experts will work closely with your team from concept to design to installation, ultimately creating a custom audio system to fit the unique size and seating layout of indoor or outdoor facilities.

Acoustic Analysis

An acoustic analysis is conducted to obtain accurate sound pressure level measurements at various frequencies and venue reverberation times. This information, in conjunction with the predictive acoustical modeling, is used to produce a recommendation for speakers, speaker placement, aiming, tuning and front-end control systems.

Design & System Specification Services

Daktronics electro-acoustical engineers are highly-qualified and provide a detailed sound system design to meet any venue’s goals and budget. Each proposal includes professional recommendations based on the facility needs and performance goals.

Game Day Scene Control

Daktronics engineers can create "scene selection" push button settings within a system that will allow configuration of the speakers to output the right amount of sound based on overall attendance at an event. If the facility is half full, the output levels are adjusted accordingly.

Hearing is Believing

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