Sportsound 200 Sound System

The SS-200 is an affordable and reliable outdoor speaker system made to withstand all weather conditions. The system is best used for baseball or softball fields and other smaller municipal facilities.

Durable and easy to install, the system targets its sound at the audience, not the playing field; if field coverage is desired, check out the Sportsound 500HD. This allows the system to be heard clearly over rowdy crowds while keeping the sound within the facility, so the noise is not disturbing to the community.

Features & Benefits

  • Uses stadium-quality speakers for clear and understandable audio
  • Designed using a polymer enclosure making it waterproof and durable in any environment
  • Offered in several configurations for either portable or permanent installations
  • Adjusts audio levels to size of the facility (1-4 speakers)
  • Mounts on walls, poles, field house roof or press box; angles and locks into place for easy installation


Dimensions (H x W x D): 1' 6.25" x 1' 6.25" x 1' 3" (0.46m x 0.46m x 0.38m)
Weight: 55 lb (25 kg)
Paint Color: Black
Construction: ABS, Copolymer Polypropylene

Speaker Cabinet Documents

Announcer's Rack Documents

Hearing is Believing

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