Sportsound 500HD Sound System

The Sportsound 500HD is a complete sound system designed to provide high-impact sound reinforcement for a variety of outdoor facilities, including football, lacrosse, soccer, softball and track. The system is installed in a permanent position and provides full range sound and even coverage at levels capable of overcoming crowd noise. The 500HD is designed for smaller sport venues; it is easy to set up and to operate. The new Announcer’s Console provides a simplified interface to the sound system, which offers one MP3 player and two microphone inputs.


  • Fully-contained system
  • Single- or dual-sided coverage pattern options available
  • Single cabinet accommodates future expandability
  • Horn-loaded mid frequency drivers with constant directivity high frequency horns
  • Mid and high frequency speakers adjust 0-30 degrees horizontally in 5 degree increments
  • Remote-mounted NEMA3R control enclosure allows for ease of service
  • CobraNet® communication between announcer’s rack and control enclosure via a multimode fiber optic cable
  • 20bit/48K digital audio with analog backup
  • On-board digital signal processing (DSP) with low signal latency
  • On-board system diagnostics
  • Global power configurations
  • Rated to withstand hurricane force winds up to 78 psf
  • Full-color-printable front mesh with UV protection
  • Compatible with any Daktronics audio control system


  • Improved driver protection
  • Low distortion
  • Low latency 
  • Higher damping factor
  • Broad coverage
  • Improved 20 bit/48K digital signal processing
  • Signal transfer accomplished digitally via Ethernet and network connections
  • Global power - it works anywhere in the world

Coverage Pattern

The 500HD offers three configurations: Dual (D), Single Left (SL) or Single Right (SR). The internal components of the single speaker configurations can be adjusted. The examples below show some of the popular aiming configurations. These adjustment options offer unprecedented installation flexibility without compromising on aesthetics.

500HD-SL single left coverage

500HD-SR single right coverage

500HD-D dual coverage


Dimensions (H x W x D): 3' x 8' x 3' 6" (0.91m x 2.44m x 1.07m)
Weight: 500HD-D: 850 lbs (386 kg); 500HD-SL/-SR: 775 lbs (352 kg)
Paint Color: Powder coat black with wrinkle finish
Construction: Steel skeleton sheeted in aluminum paneling with two (2) rear access doors

Speaker Cabinet Documents

Announcer's Rack Documents

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