It was a great marketing plan for us – how we were able to see everything broken down and what our investment was going to be.

– Keaton Kucera, First Bank of Utica

Anchor Sponsor at Centennial High School

Daktronics Sports Marketing

Helping Schools Fund Scoreboard & Video Projects Through Sponsorship Revenue

What if your video display or scoreboard could pay for itself and then keep earning revenue for your school? When you purchase your display from Daktronics, you have the knowledge and experience of Daktronics Sports Marketing (DSM) behind you. We've been working with schools like yours for more than 15 years, securing sponsorships and increasing revenue.

Here's the best part: Your DSM services are free when you purchase a display from Daktronics. Schools that work with us bring in an average of $40,000 per year – money directly benefits students!

Find out how DSM can help your school achieve its goals.

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How We Do It

Facility Analysis

Your DSM team will review your existing sponsorship inventory and scout community businesses to asses your facility's revenue potential.

Project Design & Packages

We'll help you create custom video/scoreboard designs for high traffic areas and help develop packages that maximize your ROI.

Sales Training & Consultation

DSM pros will help you create a successful marketing campaign. You'll learn how to secure sponsors through a sponsor prospectus, social media ads, and animated design concepts.

Sponsorship Fulfillment

Your dedicated DSM pro will secure the logos, digital ads, and other assets needed for a sponsorship. We'll also provide a website, game scripts, and ideas for building lasting partnerships.


We Are Where You Are

No matter where you are, you have a DSM representative in your region. While our corporate office is in Brookings, South Dakota, our DSM professionals are strategically placed around the United States, so we can provide your school with on-site assistance for your new equipment.


Mountain View High School

Madison High School

Prosper ISD

Mount Airy High School

Platteview High School

Timber Creek High School

Centennial Public School

Ortonville High School

Mountain Brook High School

Miami Trace High School

Freeman High School

Watertown High School

DSM Resources for High Schools

Since 2012, the Daktronics Sports Marketing Team has helped more than 400 schools.


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