The Daktronics Difference

at Mountain View High School

Revenue. Education. Entertainment.

With a new video scoring system, Mountain View High School is accomplishing dreams that previously seemed out of reach. Using Daktronics Sports Marketing (DSM) and partnership with a local credit union, the Mavericks have created an exciting gameday atmosphere that brings in large crowds and provides students with hands-on experiences.

Fundraising for Schools

Don't leave money on the table. Video boards are investments that bring in an average of $40,000 per year. That revenue is the school's to keep – no commissions, no fees – meaning a video board is a continual source of income for sports programs, academic investments, and other school purchases.

Benefits for Local Businesses

Like the case for Mountain View High School and Idaho Central Credit Union, businesses in the community can purchase a video board on a school's behalf, and reap the benefits of personalized, sponsored ads. Not only does this result in a great ROI for the business, but it also supports the school's fundraising efforts. 

Educational Opportunities

Give your high school students the experience of a lifetime working behind-the-scenes on gameday. From creating content to running the cameras, schools are realizing the opportunities a classroom-integrated video display provides. Colleges are seeking students with experience operating Daktronics equipment, and our curriculum and Crew Connect open that door.

Learn About the Daktronics Curriculum

Packed crowd at high school football game

Unparalleled Entertainment

Your video board creates a gameday environment that your fans cannot resist. The flexibility that digital offers means your display can also transform your stadium into a space for gym class, pep rallies, outdoor movies, community forums; your options are endless.

Get Inspiration from Other Schools

Since 2012, the Daktronics Sports Marketing Team has helped more than 400 schools.


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