LED Sign Regulation and Legislation

Sign legislation significantly affects the sign industry. Daktronics offers sign companies, sign owners, and regulatory officials information and support that no other manufacturer does.

Our Sign Code Legislation department is dedicated to developing codes agreeable to both LED sign owners and city officials. Daktronics endorses the retailer's right to free speech, while also respecting a community's desire to regulate signage.


How do we work with LED sign legislation?

The trained personnel of our Sign Code department focus on LED sign legislation that allows appropriate use of digital displays. To do this, the department:

  • Recommends appropriate sign code wording
  • Provides information about legislation and court rulings
  • Conducts sign demonstrations
  • Presents educational seminars
Sign Legislation



Daktronics sign legislation team worked with area communities to define ordinance language benefitting businesses and organizations, while still reflecting the community's vision. The team has been the only EMC manufacturer that consistently performed in this area.Craig BreitsprecherLaCrosse Sign Company

Current topics of legislation that affect you.

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Have Questions Concerning Sign Legislation?

Reach out to our Sign Legislation department.

Sign Legislation Resources

We provide literature concerning various aspects of digital display legislation and regulation.