How to Obtain a Digital Sign Permit

You’ve decided to purchase a digital display. Next step – receiving approval from local officials, usually in the form of a sign permit. Sometimes this is an easy process; sometimes governing agencies require more vetting. Daktronics is here to help by offering resources for both customers and regulatory agencies.


Four Steps to Get Your Digital Display Permit

  1. Determine where your sign will be located, this determines if you will need to follow city or county ordinances.
  2. Check with your local zoning ordinance to see if signs are allowed at the location.
  3. Determine what the permitting process is like. For many government agencies, this is as simple as filling out an application. Other locations have brightness, size and movement restrictions.
  4. The length of time to obtain permits varies for each district. Special permits can require approval by the local governing body, such as a city council or county commission. In those cases, you may want to consider hiring legal counsel.

Signage Legislation Services

Daktronics is an advocate within the industry for LED signs and digital billboards, and we can provide you with resources as you navigate the approval process. Some of the areas of assistance our sales department can assist with include:

Site Surveys and Sign Demos

Lighting Analysis

Manufacturer's Letter on Brightness Levels

Code and Zoning in Your Area

Educational Seminars on Community Benefits

Preparation for Meetings with City Councils

Have Questions Concerning Sign Legislation?

Reach out to our Sign Legislation department.