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Out of Home Advertising Displays

Designing, Building and Installing Industry-leading LED Displays for Over Twenty Years

Daktronics has been designing and producing innovative electronic signage since 1968. Twenty years ago, we took a chance with digital billboards, holding the belief it would be the next big thing for out of home advertising. We've been the industry's leading digital billboard manufacturer ever since.

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The Power of Out of Home Advertising

While TV, mobile and online have seen increases in blocked or skipped ads, Out of Home market remains the only advertising medium that cannot be overlooked. It is seen by real people where other mediums simply cannot go to engage consumers.


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Daktronics is extremely loyal and trustworthy. I would recommend them 100%.Jonathan SlassCo-PresidentRotor Clip
Daktronics is a strong partner for us. They take care of us and are very responsive if we have a technical issue. Doug MuthOwnerO2 Media
iDIGITAL, an Out of Home Advertising Agency, recently toured Daktronics and purchased their second display. When asked about their experience, Paul Hilt, VP of Sales, and Andy Solheim, CEO, had this to say: “We chose Daktronics because we felt they have the best product in the market at a competitive price,” Solheim said. “We also like the assistance with local codes that is only offered through Daktronics. It was a huge help! They’re a top-notch company with a great product and even better sales and technical support team.” “A few reasons we chose Daktronics include the help from the legal team vetting new potential locations with us and just the ease in which we were able to do business with Daktronics,” Hilt said. “We look forward to a long-term relationship with Daktronics as we build our footprint.”Andy Solheim and Paul HiltSales Manager iDIGITAL
We continue to purchase Daktronics products through Johnson Signs because of the quality, service and many ways we can use the signs to advertise and promote our products and the products of our advertising customers.Rick KochPresidentASAP Energy
Digital is such a different animal. Our customers say the display is so high definition, it is a night-and-day difference from their other advertising in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas.Drew CartwrightAcme Partnership/Media Choice
I think that it's a testament to our ability to execute an idea quickly with digital boards.Todd TurnerArt DirectorAdams Outdoor Charleston



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York RoadYork RoadWP-21452LondonGP0|#2e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852;L0|#02e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852|United Kingdom:UK;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d154876
Piccadilly LightsPiccadilly LightsWP-21239LondonGP0|#2e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852;L0|#02e5e480a-1dc7-435a-9d35-ff9b453a8852|United Kingdom:UK;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d183051

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