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Daktronics Field Service Personnel can reach the Field Service Support line: 605-697-4907 or 1-866-325-8425

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Australia Service Partners: 1-800-335-147 (Toll Free)

Chile Service Partners: +56-229-381-488

Mexico Service Partners: 01-800-681-5392

New Zealand Service Partners: 0800-450-418 (Toll Free)

Panama Service Partners: 001-800-205-4394

Peru Service Partners: +51-17086860

Other International Service Partners: +1-605-697-4978

United Kingdom Service Partners: 0808-101-2192 (Toll Free)

Other International Service Partners: +1-605-697-4978

Please select your country:

Australia Service Partners: 1-800-337-936 (Toll Free)

Other International Service Partners: +1-605-697-4000

Mexico Service Partners: 01-800-681-5382

New Zealand Service Partners: 0800-480-350 (Toll Free)

Other International Service Partners: +1-605-697-4000

Other International Service Partners: +1-605-697-4000

Singapore Service Partners: +800-1302176

United Kingdom Service Partners: 0808-101-2192 (Toll Free)

Other International Service Partners: +1-605-697-4000


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<p>​Daktronics will be releasing updates to GSP tonight.  After the updates are in and the system is back up, all users will need to <a href="/FieldServicePortalDocuments/Clear%20Internet%20Explorer%20and%20Silverlight%20Cache.pdf"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Clear Cache</span></a>.</p><p>What technicians will notice:</p><p>- Spelling and formating fixes for the Work Order Techinician Report</p><p> </p><p>After <a href="/FieldServicePortalDocuments/Clear%20Internet%20Explorer%20and%20Silverlight%20Cache.pdf"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Clearing Cache</span></a>, if you have any questions or problems, contact Dispatch M-Sat 6amCST to 6pm CST by calling the Field Service Support line 605-697-4907, option 2 for Dispatch.</p>
<p><span class="ms-rteFontSize-5 ms-rteBackColor-4">**Reports In GSP are WORKING ***</span></p><p>On 12/5/19 a new release was pushed to GoServicePro allowing the reports to be visible after a work order is closed.  <span class="ms-rteBackColor-5">YOU MUST CLEAR YOUR CACHE after 12/5/19 for the reports to work.</span></p><p> </p><p><a href="/FieldServicePortalDocuments/Clear%20Internet%20Explorer%20and%20Silverlight%20Cache.pdf"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Clear Cache and Silverlight Cache</span></a></p><p>---------------------------------------------</p>
<p><span class="ms-rteFontSize-5"><span class="ms-rteBackColor-4 ms-rteFontSize-5">*****GSP DOWN Tuesday NOVEMBER 26th 9PM CST****** </span>​</span></p><p> </p><p><strong>A release of GoServicePro Service Advisor code will occur tonight, Tuesday November 26th at 9pm.</strong></p><p>GoServicePro Service Advisor and GoServicePro Mobility will all be affected during this timeframe.</p><p> </p><p><span class="ms-rteForeColor-2 ms-rteBackColor-4 ms-rteFontSize-4">It is critical that ALL u<span class="ms-rteFontSize-3"></span>sers complete the clearing of caches in ALL browsers AFTER the code has been put into GSP. </span></p><p>NOTE:  please follow the step by step instructions in the sequential order for you to successfully be able to see and utilize the updates and enhancements that have been installed</p><p>Ensure that you have the correct boxes checked also when clearing your caches ~ this is critical. </p><p><a href="/FieldServicePortalDocuments/Clear%20Internet%20Explorer%20and%20Silverlight%20Cache.pdf"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">C</span><span style="text-decoration:underline;">lear Cache</span><span style="text-decoration:underline;"> and Silverlight Cache</span></a></p><p> </p><p><strong>Items that will impact FIELD SERVICE -- </strong></p><p>UPS Complete View Returns Project updates: </p><p><span class="ms-rteBackColor-5">TECH WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED TO ENTER A WAYBILL NUMBER or SHIP TO METHOD; THIS WILL NO LONGER SHOW ON THE REMOVE TRANSACTION AND RETURN TRANSACTIONS.</span></p><p> </p>


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Site Bin ReviewGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Field Service Return Shipping Methods -- US Techs OnlyGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Scissor Lift Pre-Use Inspection ChecklistGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Aerial Boomlift Pre-Use Inspection ChecklistGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
JotForm Completion GuideGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Part RetractionGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Verisae Mobile Device SetupGP0|#6d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04;L0|#06d16bbc5-7e87-456c-b203-644ecfcbeb04|Best Practice;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
ServiceChannel Quick Guide for Daktronics Technicians and Service PartnersGP0|#210e154c-e30e-47f6-8ea7-43bd15cd54b5;L0|#0210e154c-e30e-47f6-8ea7-43bd15cd54b5|Training Document;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Galaxy System CheckGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670
Daktronics Digital Billboard Maintenance CheckGP0|#a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1;L0|#0a06fccab-e579-4081-a7f7-bbdd5451e0b1|Work Instructions;GTSet|#7fbdec1d-2d4a-489f-8e4c-d906b3f35670

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