Digital Street FurnitureDigital Street Furniture
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Digital Street Furniture

Daktronics LED street furniture provides a sleek, European-inspired design that complements surrounding architecture, emphasizing your message—not the medium.

Unique features designed for increased uptime and profitability.

Sleek, Smart Design

European inspired design that emphasizes your message while complementing surrounding architecture

Sun-Cutting Brightness

6,000 nits of adjustable brightness creates the only true daylight viewable solution

Longest-Lasting Technology

Built with LED technology that’s proven to last 2-3 times longer when compared to current outdoor LCD technology

Maximum Return on Investment

Selecting superior LED technology saves on power consumption while providing superior image quality

Most Robust Technology

Built for harsh outdoor environments, featuring weather sealed components behind UV and vandal resistant glass

Keep Communities Safe

Accept feeds that provide emergency information, to one or a network of displays, at a moment’s notice

No Nonsense Control

Daktronics proprietary content management system provides user-friendly attributes and the power to manage large networks

Image is Everything

High-contrast module design using advanced LED technology provides vivid picture detail and image quality

Ultimate Power Control

Remote power control allows Daktronics to cycle power remotely, reducing the need for a service call

Whisper-Quiet Ventilation

Operates cooler than LCD displays while the ventilation system eliminates unnecessary background noise

24/7 Display Health

Optional display monitoring increases display uptime and offers an immediate response should an error occur

Reach more people every day while they travel in vehicles, walk downtown or shop in city centers using digital street level advertising. Daktronics Digital Street Furniture displays position digital advertising and timely information at eye level, where they are most likely to influence consumers traveling through public spaces.

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Daktronics Digital Street Furniture Sizes

Digital Street Furniture 1.5 Sq. Meters

1.5 Square Meters

Line spacing: 6mm
Screen configuration: 240 x 144 pixels
Approximate size: 6' x 4'

Digital Street Furniture 2 Sq. Meters

2 Square Meters

Line spacing: 6mm
Screen configuration: 240 x 192 pixels
Approximate size: 6' x 5'

Digital Street Furniture 2.5 Sq. Meters

2.5 Square Meters

Line spacing: 6mm
Screen configuration: 288 x 192 pixels
Approximate size: 7' x 5'



Product Specifications

LEDs Per Pixel

3 color-matched LEDs:
1 red, 1 green, 1 blue

Light Control Standards

Complies with local, federal, and industry light output standards

Environmental Protection

Fully-sealed module and fully-sealed power supply, IP-65 rated cabinet

Display Dimming

256 dimming levels

Operating Temperature

-31° to +113° F (-35° to +45° C)

Color Capability

16 bit - 281 trillion

Viewing Angle

160° H x 30° V up/50° V down

Embedded Control System

Secure design that governs hold times and static images

Display Calibration

Factory-calibrated individual LEDs

UL/CE Certified

Meets regulatory compliance codes

3G/4G Ready

Flexible control

Why Choose Daktronics?

Why choose Daktronics?

We believe that we are the digital display and scoreboard systems manufacturer most people turn to worldwide, and we plan to keep it that way. Here are just a few reasons businesses continue to choose us.

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We bring together industry-leading engineering and service to equip your street furniture with an unparalleled, Remote Diagnostics solution.


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We have an extensive network of Daktronics-trained technicians located throughout the US and Canada, ensuring prompt and reliable service of your Daktronics displays.


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