Digital Street Furniture

Daktronics LED street furniture features some of the brightest imagery in the industry and built to withstand full-sun conditions, Daktronics digital LED street furniture showcases crisp, high- resolution videos so advertisers look their best.


Sleek European-Inspired Design

The streamlined, modern architecture of our LED digital street furniture emphasizes your message while complementing surrounding aesthetics.


Clear Image Quality

Our SMD LEDs produce richer colors and crisp details for exceptional image quality at close distances, ideal for real-life imagery, small text and intricate detail.

Street Furniture

Sun-Cutting Brightness

At 5,000 nits of adjustable brightness, messages are visible in any environment, at any time of day, making this the only truly daylight-viewable solution.

Adaptive, Customizable and Easy to Install

Several mounting applications include pole, wall, flag or pedestal. Adaptive and customizable with easy
configuration, our digital street furniture is easy to install. Whether walk-up, public space, metropolitan
center or semi outdoor, your needs are covered.

Wall Mount


Pedestal Mount


Flag Mount


Pole Mount


High-Efficiency Design

Our high-contrast module design paired with advanced LED technology requires less power consumption while maintaining image quality.

Digital Street Furniture Brochure

Reach more people every day while they travel in vehicles, walk downtown or shop in city centers using digital street level advertising. Daktronics Digital Street Furniture displays position digital advertising and timely information at eye level, where they are most likely to influence consumers traveling through public spaces.

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