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Not only have industry standards such as NTCIP, NEMA and MUTCD updated their specifications to support full-color dynamic message signage, but the available ITS technology is sharper, more efficient and more intelligent than ever.

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Dynamic Message Signs for Traffic Management

Every day, on thousands of U.S. roadways, millions of motorists look to Daktronics dynamic message signs (DMS) and variable message signs (VMS) for useful instructions, toll rates, travel times and road statuses. Since 1988, Daktronics has produced DMS & VMS to meet the innovations of the intelligent transportation system (ITS) industry.

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rednering of city streets with digital signage for guidance

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Digital displays in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) offers remarkable flexibility. LED technology dynamically delivers real-time information, adapts to changing conditions, and displays emergency alerts. These multifunctional displays can be remotely managed, customized, and serve various purposes – enhancing communication, safety, and efficiency within ITS.

led sign at tunnel entrance


Let travelers know about upcoming obstacles – like tunnels and bridges – and share crucial information about proceeding with caution.

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digital signage above toll booths


Streamline traffic at toll booths by giving travelers infromation about pricing and the proper lanes to be in. LEDs add flexibility to change lane uses day to day.

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digital sign above an open lane

Lane Use

Manage your multi-lane highways with real-time updates. The full-color LED signs get your message across quickly, so drivers have plenty of time to adjust to closures.

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configurable LED sign over road


Communicate speed limits, lane closures, directions, and traffic wait times with LED signs above the freeway. This puts crucial information in an accessible location for high-speed traffic.

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led sign showing 'no left turn'

Smart City

Take advantage of fully configurable LED signs for flexible messaging in busy city areas. Portray specific traffic instructions to decrease congestion and reduce accident rates.

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variable message sign on city street

Travel Times

Update travelers with information on congestion and specific travel time in variable traffic areas.

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digital sign above an open lane

Lane Use

Clearly communicate which lanes are open and closed to promptly guide traffic in and out of specialized lanes, ensuring efficient flow and communication.

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digital sign warning about a crash ahead

Managed Lanes

Use symbols, text, and numbers to give travelers sufficient time to adjust to changes in speed limit, road conditions, and obstacles.

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LED space availability sign at parking ramp entrance

Parking Guidance

Offer clear and accurate real-time information, guiding travelers as they navigate both inside and outside parking areas to create a seamless, efficient parking experience.

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LED video wall in traffic management center

Traffic Management Centers

Take advantage of seamless, high-resolution images view maps, data feeds, live video, and other content in one central location.

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