Smart Cities

Manage traffic as it flows into your city's core, decrease traffic congestion and designate lanes with dynamic message signs (DMS) and variable message signs (VMS) from Daktronics. These innovative DMS & VMS increase safety, alleviate smog and curb accident rates in metro areas throughout the U.S.

Smart city signs require a durable, NTCIP-compliant DMS & VMS that integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Full-color DMS & VMS with wide viewing angles allow agencies to take advantage of recognizable MUTCD symbols.


Vanguard® VF-2420

A masked-face display with a long viewing distance and simple maintenance

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Vanguard® VS6 and VT6x

Full-color text and graphics in a front-access display.


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Vanguard® VS-5360

Digits that are easily changed as traffic and weather conditions change.

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