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Sharpening the Image - The Effectiveness of Full-Color DMS Technology

Communicate to commuters with a sharper, clearer message.

Not only have industry standards such as NTCIP, NEMA and MUTCD updated their specifications to support full-color dynamic message signage, but the available ITS technology is sharper, more efficient and more intelligent than ever.

Symbols resonate faster than words.

It is not uncommon for residents of a city, state, or country to speak more than one language. Dynamic message signs help communicate to multi-lingual nations through the functionality of showing symbols. According to a study from the University of Rhode Island, DMS graphics produce a 35 percent faster recognition time than text alone. Graphics give more impact to a message, and they reduce the number of frames needed to make the message effective.

DMS Graphics

Real Time Solutions

Weather Warnings

Connected to real time data sources, these displays can show travel times, congestion warnings, weather conditions, and other situational messages that help drivers make informed decisions on the way to their destinations.



The Vanguard software allows us to display customized messages in a snap.Greg StumpfMinneapolis Parking Systems AnalystCity of Minneapolis

Investing in Full-Color DMS

While monochrome DMS works efficiently, investing 9.5 percent more into a full-color dynamic message sign gives you a variety of benefits, including the safety of commuters by taking advantage of the graphics feature. A breakdown of a typical installation budget shows that, when agencies choose a traditional 66mm amber DMS, the sign will make up 33 percent of the total site cost. An equal-sized 20mm full-color DMS will take up just 6 percent more of the total site cost.

Full-Color DMS ROI

Vanguard DMS Products

Walk-In Access Products

  • Convenient access for maintenance personnel
  • Tough aluminum mask for superior contrast and minimal glare
  • Full monitoring capability with complete diagnostics for systems and pixels
  • Meets industry standards and codes such as NTCIP 1203 v02, NEMA TS-4, AASHTO, ANSI/AWS, D1.2-97 Structural Welding Code, UL, UL Green Leaf, FCC and NEC

View Walk-In DMS Products

Front Access Products

  • Maximizes legibility with an aluminum and polycarbonate masked face
  • Provides a safe working environment with lock-open side-swinging doors
  • Suits any site with a controller mounted in the DMS or in a road-side cabinet

View Front Access DMS Products

DMS Catalog

Would you like to learn more about each of our dynamic message system products? Our catalog tells you the variety of options you have in an easy-to-read format that is accessible on your desktop computer or your tablet. You can also request a printed copy.

DMS Product Catalog