Small Town. Big Goals.

Small towns also have potential for big sponsorship revenue. Using Daktronics Sports Marketing can help you realize advertising revenue where you might not have imagined.


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Large video displays usually come with a price tag that matches. However, this doesn’t mean those bills will come directly out of your pocket. Ortonville High School is a great example of how one school brought a community together to afford a scoring system the whole town could be proud of.

Ortonville, Minnesota, is a town of around 1,800 people. With that number in mind, it’s no surprise Jacob Foslien, Ortonville High School’s Activities Director and Dean of Students, was hesitant about the school’s upcoming project.

“Given the price tag of the project, our relative small community, business and school, I just wasn’t sure how we would secure enough funds. When the option of sponsors was brought up to help with funding, I was apprehensive,” said Foslien.

But Foslien soon realized he wasn’t alone in getting started.

“One of my first contacts was our local newspaper. Not knowing all of the businesses or contacts in the local area, they helped provide the data needed. After that, we constructed and prioritized a list of sponsors to contact,” said Foslien.

Daktronics Sports Marketing (DSM) then stepped in to help.

“Phone calls and meetings were set up – some with DSM at our side – and sponsors were locked in,” added Foslien.

Within a couple of weeks, the community started to come together to make the project happen. With the majority of the sponsor spots locked into place, Ortonville High School raised more money than they ever expected.

“We secured our six main anchors fairly quick. The rest of the premier spots fell into place over the next couple of months. To date we have raised around $8-10,000 more than the total cost of our project.”

Ortonville’s static signage promoting their local sponsors. Provided by Daktronics Sports Marketing. 


If that doesn’t prove the Daktronics Sports Marketing team can help your school no matter the size, let us show you how. Check out our numbers on our site, then contact us to visit with our local rep to confidently jump in to your next project.