Live Channel

In-Venue TV Broadcast Solution

This device uses a live camera feed to broadcast game footage to TVs around your venue. Works with both new and existing cable and IPTV systems.

Never Miss a Moment

Live Channel brings the excitement and live action to the entire stadium with real time broadcasting directly to your TV network. When you expand your digital presence, you extend your reach over fans and attract more sponsors. In-venue broadcasting catches the action of the game with attention grabbing graphics, targeted messaging, up to the second game updates, and impressionable advertisements that will draw in more fans, sponsors, and advertising revenue. 

Relay a Variety of Information

Take advantage of graphic layovers to show different kinds of content. 

Game Information

Team and Player Stats


Why Broadcast Live Across the Entire Venue?

Elevate the Experience

Why limit the experience to the seats when you can generate a new level of excitement beyond the game? Surround your fans with immersive and engaging content anywhere in the venue. Live, professional video with low latency takes shows to the next level.

Maximize Reach

Activate unused areas of your venue to keep the energy high and your impact even higher. Increasing your digital presence offers more sponsorship opportunities and more ways to reach fans than ever before.

Dominate the Venue

Use moments of exclusivity to take over every screen with content that makes sponsorship dollars meaningful. Track and generate reports on all your scheduled content for proof of play.

Generate Revenue

Create new revenue streams with more ad space throughout the entire venue. Attract and appeal to more sponsors with the extra inventory and use strategic ad placements that captivate viewers and make powerful, impactful statements. 

Beyond the TV

Your creative content is not confined to just your TV network. Span content across TVs and LED displays for cohesive and dominating shows the transcend traditional boundaries.


Control Made Easy

Our Show Control software makes it simple to control your channels. Effortlessly operate and monitor your entire network, from anywhere, using just one device. Content can run on a schedule or be manually triggered for total control over any or every screen.

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