Sport Software

Daktronics sport software brings accurate and comprehensive real-time sports scores and stats to multiple levels of play. Use the statistical software on its own to track player, game, and season stats, or combine with a display controller to instantly broadcast information for the whole crowd to see. Daktronics sport software leads the operator through games and events, taking care of the statistical calculations and keeping user actions to a minimum.

College Interfaces

Show scores and stats from third-party StatCrew® software on Daktronics displays.

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Daktronics Data Manager

Display data from Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets for non-traditional sports, tournaments, or special events.

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DakStats Statistical Software

Record and display scores and stats for baseball/softball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, volleyball, and more with DakStats sport software.

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Major League Interfaces

Use in-house professional sports software for basketball, football, and hockey with Daktronics display systems or choose a display package for Minor or Major League Baseball.

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Motorsports Interface

The motorsports interface automatically collects race data from timing and results software for used on Daktronics LED message centers, video displays, and numeric racing scoreboards.

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Out of Town Scores

Gather scores and messages from games around the nation to display in your sports facility with SportsWire 4000 software.

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Tennis Software

Control multicourt tennis scoreboards with team name message centers, and send scoring information to LED video displays and the internet with DakTennis software.

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