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Blending Creative Content with Traveler Information

Denver International Airport (DEN) completed Phase 1 of its capital improvement Great Hall Project. As part of its goal to serve 100 million passengers – a number they expect to hit between 2030 and 2035 – the airport dedicated $770 million in upgrades to the Jeppesen Terminal to improve security screening and provide more flexibility during check-in. DEN installed Daktronics LED displays to complete the common use ticketing systems, showing critical information, real-time wayfinding, vibrant branding, and immersive graphics to provide the best and most efficient check-in experience.  


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8K Ultra-High Resolution

The Daktronics 8K ultra-high resolution LED displays are featured behind the ticketing counter in the Jeppesen Terminal. The installation spans more than 42,000 square feet and features seamless 90-degree LED corners. The displays offer a platform for custom dynamic content including appealing graphics and seasonal content to create an immersive experience for travelers. This type of content has been shown to reduce perceived wait time by as much as 35%.

Real-Time Updates

The LED technology provides flexibility for the airport and airlines as a common use ticketing system. Content on the displays can be changed in real-time to allow any airline to use any counter. Regional airlines can borrow a counter from a major airline for a few hours or a chartered travel agency flight can be branded periodically to aid in traveler wayfinding.

Denver International Airport is now a U.S. leader in self-serve bag drop, with 86 stations. Travelers can get through the process 37% faster, and the stations are set up so airline staff can step in and run it when necessary. Content on the Daktronics LED displays assist with automation by providing real-time instruction at each step in the process, minimizing wait times.

Common Use Systems

From interactive wayfinding to self-service bag drops, airports are finding new ways to automate the travel process. Self-service options are simplifying the travel process while maintaining higher safety standards. See common use systems in action with traveler-perspective videos: 

Backwall Ticketing

The display communicates which airline is active at the counter, along with counter statuses – including closed, bag drop, agent, economy, business class, etc.

Bag Drop

The display communicates real-time instruction at each step in the self-service bag drop process.

We're the economic engine for the region, and we have to keep investing in the airport to keep that economic engine running and continuing to increase its impact throughout the community.

– Mindy Crane, DEN Communications Director, Airport Improvement

Investing in Flexible Communication 

Denver International Airport has invested in systems and services to improve the traveler experience. By installing Daktronics digital display technology, DEN is equipped to efficiently assist travelers through the check-in process and provide a dynamic experience for travelers as they navigate to their destinations.

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86 self-drop bag systems


35,000+ bags processed


17 new TSA screening lanes



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