How do I purchase a DaktronicsĀ LED display?

An experienced area sign company will evaluate your location, budget, and needs to recommend the sign best for you. They also will provide the product quote and install your display.

Together, we offer you more.

We unite with our dedicated sign companies to give your project the complete attention and support it deserves. Together, we'll get the right display for you up, running, and generating sales.

Sign Companies provide:

Experience providing a complete solution

Help with area regulations

Nearby service, if you need it

Daktronics offers:

Wide range of reliable products

A stable, publicly traded company

How much does a display cost?

Price varies, depending on the model and size of the digital display. Your knowledgeable area sign company will quote the specific equipment to fit your site and needs.

How do I know which sign company to contact?

We can help you! Submit the form, and we'll contact you to talk about your project. Then we'll ask a reputable sign company in the area to give you a call.