Travel Time / Toll Rate Dynamic Message Signs

Vanguard® VM-102X Series

20mm Full-color (RGB) / 66mm Tri-color (RG) & Amber (A)

Some ITS applications — such as managed lanes — benefit from an innovative display solution for the best results. The Daktronics Vanguard VM-1020/VM-1028 was designed from the ground up to efficiently display travel times, toll rates (HOT lanes) and lane status. High resolution full-color capabilities allow you to change foreground and background colors, in addition to rendering images and text that meet MTUCD requirements.

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Features and Benefits

Character Height:

Available with a standard character height of 12" (Viewing distance: 650 ft) or 18" (Viewing distance: 1,100 ft)
Quick Installation: All LED panels easily bolt to static panels, eliminating complicated installation methods. The panels then mount normally to overhead or roadside static panels.
Low-profile LED Panel: The VM-series DMS is designed to be lightweight, with 5" deep LED panels for easy installation. The display casts no shadows on the faces of static panels.
High Legibility: 30-degree LED behind black aluminum masking over polycarbonate reduces glare and provides superior contrast while protecting the display components.
Full Monitoring Capability: We offer complete diagnostics, including monitoring of pixel and system conditions for all panels in a set. 
Wireless Access Point (WIFI): The user interface allows maintenance personnel to configure, play and retrieve diagnostics from the display.
Modular Design: The simple design is capable of fitting your needs with versatility for any application.
Color Capability: Choose between full-color (white: 12,400 cd/m- 20mm), tri-color (red: 5,200 cd/m2, green: 5,000 cd/m2) or amber (amber: 9,200 cd/m2 - 66mm) 
Software: This display uses Vanguard Control Software (optional).
Industry Standard Changes: This product meets NEMA TS 4, UL, NTCIP, FCC, AASHTO, and NEMA 3R cabinet standards.
Front Access:
LED modules are easily accessed by opening the swing-down cabinet door.
Site Configuration:

The VM-series DMS is available in two distinct configurations: VM-1020 and VM-1028. The VM-1028 allows for simple cost-effective maintenance with components located in a road-side cabinet. Maintenance personnel can safely reach the components at ground level, saving time and money during preventive maintenance and repairs.

The VM-1020 is perfect for sites with space constraints because it houses all the essential components in the display. This traditional configuration allows service personnel to reach display modules and components at the same time.



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Software and Controllers

The feature-rich Vanguard Central Control Software (optional) makes remote operation simple. Together, they provide continuously tested, NTCIP-compliant control to Daktronics DMS. Auxiliary Control Panel (optional) and DMS Equipment Cabinet (optional) are also available.

Learn more about DMS Controllers and Vanguard® v4 Control Software.

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