Frequently Asked Questions


Is the DDMS still full featured?

Yes, the DDMS provides the same features as traditional over the road DMS. The DDMS includes the ability to report real time information to the traffic management centers including: real time pixel data, power supply diagnostics, and sign communication polling.

What is NEMA 3R?

The National Electrical Manufacture Association has established industry design standards defined in the NEMA Standards Publication 250 “Enclosures for Electrical Equipment (1000 Volts Maximum)” which describes all NEMA enclosure types and testing requirements. Daktronics products are designed and tested using these industry standards.

What is Kynar paint?

Daktronics DDMS is painted with Kynar 500 polyvinylidene fluoride resin (PVDF) which is a superior architectural grade paint that has an expected outdoor environmental life of 15 years. The paint meets standards defined by AAMA 2605 American Architectural Manufactures Association.

Does the display meet the latest AASHTO Standards and reviewed by a Professional Engineer?

Yes, Daktronics VM Series standard catalog displays have been analyzed by a 3rd party Professional Engineer and are available upon request. Customers requiring site specific P.E. calculations which are signed and stamped by a P.E registered in the State, are available at an additional charge per site location.


How does the sign mount to new and existing static panels?

Daktronics VM-1020 LED display panels have a number of different options to allow for static sign mounting. The LED display panel can be directly bolted to the static panel using the factory provided attachment holes or alternate method is attaching the LED panel using the optional mounting kit which provides vertical and horizontal flexibility when there are possible obstructions behind the static panel.

How do the modules mount to the LED panel?

The modules mount to the interior of the swing down door with plastic retaining clips. The plastic clips hold the module securely in place and allow the ability to be quickly removed without the use of tools.

Where is the light sensor mounted?

The light sensor that measures the outdoor ambient light level at the DDMS set shall be integral to the LED module. One LED module in each LED panel provides an ambient light level intensity to the sign controller. The DDMS controller continuously monitors the light sensors and adjusts the LED display matrix intensity to a level that creates a legible message on the LED panel face and ensures that all LED panels are illuminating the same intensity level.


Will all fonts work?

Daktronics VM-1020 DDMS can display a number of different fonts including industry standard fixed 7x5 width and variable 7x4 width fonts.

What is a VM font set?

Daktronics VM-1020 comes standard with a VM standard font set that utilizes 7x5 fonts for characters and a 7x4 for numbers.


Will the LED panels maintain proper cooling without ventilation fans?

Yes, Daktronics DDMS VM-1020 LED display panels which only contain the LED display modules were designed with a passive ventilation system to utilize natural convective airflow to cool the displays interior housing, all other critical components are housed in a nearby traffic cabinet.

LED Sign Panels

How do I gain access to the LED sign panel?

The LED sign panel contains a minimum of 2 screw-type 5/32 allen wrench latches to lock them in the closed position. They pull the door tight and compress a gasket located around the perimeter of each face panel and the housing. Latches are capable of providing leverage to easily release the gasket seal when opening the doors. The gasket prevents water from entering the cabinet around the doors.

How many LED sign panels will operate from one controller?

Up to 6 LED panels can be controlled and monitored by 1 DDMS controller. The DDMS controller is a stand-alone microprocessor-based system, which does not require continuous communication with central control software in order to perform most DDMS control functions.

Equipment Cabinet

What is the maximum distance the LED sign panel can be mounted from the roadside equipment cabinet?

The DDMS roadside cabinet can be mounted up to 350 feet away from the LED sign panels.

Can Daktronics provide alternate Traffic Cabinets?

Yes, Daktronics can provide a 334, 336S, or the standard power and equipment cabinet for the VM series product line.

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