DMS Control Hardware

Daktronics controllers and cabinets set the standard for ease of use and reliability in the ITS industry. DMS signs have never been easier to program and maintain thanks to the VFC and its counterpart, the auxiliary control panel.

The cabinet defends. The controller performs. The auxiliary panel simplifies. Read more about our robust controllers to see how their advanced systems make ITS easy.

DMS Controller

Vanguard VFC DMS Controller

The VFC is a state-of-the-art DMS controller that simplifies system installation, operation and maintenance. It includes integrated peripherals, like communication devices, a front panel with keypad and full-color LCD. Built-in Ethernet ports allow for straightforward network access. The interactive front panel eliminates the use of a laptop in most cases.


Auxiliary Control Panel

DMS Auxiliary Control Panel

The Vanguard Auxiliary Control Panel complements the VFC by providing a secondary interface panel near the DMS, which can be located in the DMS itself or on a pole-mounted enclosure.


Equipment Cabinet

DMS Equipment Cabinet

The Vanguard equipment cabinet houses all DMS equipment in a solid, ventilated aluminum case. A Corbin #2 lock and a stainless steel handle provide reliable protection.


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