Major League Software Interfaces

Daktronics Major League Interfaces work directly with the in-house scoring and statistical software used by professional sports leagues. Seamlessly integrated, the NBA, NFL, and NHL can use their own stats software and present it onto a Daktronics display for all fans to view. For MLB, an ultimate stats and scoring package is available for an entertaining and stats-packed game day presentation.

NBA IDS Interface

Target Center jumbotron display

NBA IDS Interface brings official NBA game statistics to Daktronics displays. It also, gives the fans official game statistics for NBA teams and players such as attempted and successful shots, fouls, rebounds, and more. Interfaces with All Sport® 5000 controllers for automatic control of numeric scoreboards and stats displays.


NHL HITS Interface

Centerhung display at Pepsi Center

NHL HITS Interface takes incoming scores and stats from the in-house NHL HITS system, and converts the data for use by Daktronics display controllers. Quickly requests and displays team, player, and period stats. The software requires no operator during the game, saving money and space within the control room.

NFL GSIS Interface

Large LED video display at PNC Stadium

NFL GSIS makes official NFL game statistics available to customers with Daktronics displays. The software Showcases team rosters, current game statistics, season-to-date statistics, team rankings, individual leaders, and current week leaders from the primary NFL statistical software. Save time and reduce the possibility of entering incorrect stats. It also gives you the opportunity to generate additional revenue by displaying sponsor logos and animations along with this new content.

Major League Baseball Software Package

St. Louis Budweiser Field Video Display

Daktronics offers the ultimate Major League Baseball software packages designed to best fit the demanding display needs of a professional baseball facility. Most MLB stadiums rely on Daktronics baseball software packages for their stat display needs. You won't find a more complete stats, scoring, and display system anywhere else. The Daktronics MLB package comes with multiple pieces of statistical software.

The Line Up:

DakStats Baseball

DakStats Baseball is used for entry of play-by-play game stats, providing fans and players with the essentials: line scores, B/S/O, R/H/E, previous at-bats, and more. For a customized experience, use the Chart and Scoreboard Generator to create unique, eye-catching batter hit charts and player scorecards. Elevate your game day presentation even further by displaying game, season, and career stats for individual players and teams.

Stat Vision

Stat Vision follows the action of the game and intelligently recommends statistical content based on the current game situation. Efficiently receive and preview dynamic recommendations before pushing to the big screen for all fans to see. With Stat Vision’s situational stats you can add historical depth to every game day presentation and keep fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the next big play. Stat Vision software is patent pending.

Data Studio Baseball

Cut down on the pregame setup thanks to Data Studio’s imported rosters, season-to-date stats, league leaguers, and standings. With a single click of a button, the detailed content is pulled from Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MBLAM) and integrated into Dakstats Baseball. Data Studio Baseball software instantly supplies in-depth pregame and in game content such as lineups, due-ups, current batter/pitcher. For information around the league, display daily schedules and scores for out-of-town MLB and MiLB games. Data Studio Baseball is available only for the MLB and MiLB.

Minor League Software Package

Dickey Stephens Park main video display

Elevate your game day presentation and fan experience with the Daktronics Minor League Stats package. Packed with dynamic statistics and operational ease, the package is designed perfectly for entertainment and efficiency. The MiLB package includes a copy of DakStats Baseball for entering complete scores and stats and Data Studio Baseball for displaying MLB and MiLB out-of-town scores and for downloading pre-game team standings and league leaders. The MiLB package is growing in popularity among stadiums across the country for its cost-efficient offering of the same scoring and statistical content as MLB shows.

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