Switch Interface 32

An easy way to automatically update electronic message centers used in conjunction with Venus® 1500 software. Parking facilities use the SI-32 to update information such as parking space status, toll displays, open/closed lanes, and more.

How It Works

  1. Switches connect to the SI-32. A computer running Venus® 1500 software connects to the SI-32, and the SI-32 connects to a display.

  2. Once the messages are created or edited with Venus® 1500 and loaded in the Galaxy® sign memory, the PC running Venus® 1500 can be disconnected from the system.

  3. Up to 32 switches (in many forms, such as motion sensors, time, date, event/count triggered PCL relays, or simple contact switch closures) connected to the SI-32 make up to 240 signs update accordingly.

Switch Modes

Single Pole Switch/Relay Mode
Once a switch is closed, the corresponding message runs continuously until that switch is turned off

Momentary Switch/Relay Mode
Once a switch is momentarily closed, the corresponding message runs once

BCD Switch Mode
Once a switch number is selected, the message runs until another switch number is selected


    • When selecting multiple switches, multiple messages run in the chosen order
    • Uses many different switch types
    • Compatible with many different Venus® 1500 controlled display sizes and technologies
    • SI-32 terminal blocks allow simple wire connection to switches
    • Up to 240 displays can be controlled from one SI-32
    • Up to 32 messages can be switch controlled
    • Switch inputs are optically isolated


  • All switches/relays must be a dry contact closure type; switch/relay connection is ground and 5 VDC
  • Maximum distance from SI-32 to switch is 1,000 feet
  • SI-32 must be housed in an indoor environment or weatherproof enclosure
  • SI-32 requires 120 VAC, 60 hertz
  • Operating temperature -40 to 50 degrees Celsius (-40 to 120 degrees F)
  • Control unit dimensions — 7.5 H x 11 W
  • Power — 120 VAC, 1 amp
  • Part does not include switches or cables

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