Vanguard® VS6 and VT6x

Combining unmatched quality with economical features.

The display's innovative design provides NTCIP control, outdoor brightness and highly legible content in a cost-effective package.

Features and Benefits

  • Access internal components through lightweight, quick-detach modules
  • Full color display to enhance text, MUTCD symbols and other logos or icons
  • Suited for arterial and parking management, as well as toll facilities
  • Positive-pressure ventilation extends LED lifetime
  • Durable louvers enhance contrast, optimize brightness, eliminate glare and allow for wider viewing angles
  • NTCIP 1203 v03, UL, FCC, NEC, designed to International Building Code to withstand vibration
  • UV-inhibiting epoxy dome and potting material protects the LEDs from excess heat and the elements

Vanguard VS6

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Software and Controllers

The feature-rich Vanguard Central Control Software (optional) makes remote operation simple. Together, they provide continuously tested, NTCIP-compliant control to Daktronics DMS. Auxiliary Control Panel (optional) and DMS Equipment Cabinet (optional) are also available.

Learn more about DMS Controllers and Vanguard® v4 Control Software.

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