Indoor LED Ribbon Board Displays

Ultra-Slim LED Video Displays for Curved and 360° Installations

Create a winning display solution and provide new revenue opportunities by energizing fans and recognizing sponsors with Daktronics LED indoor fascia displays. Integrate with Daktronics video displays to provide sponsors unequaled exposure with moments of exclusivity.

With high contrast and outstanding brightness, the full-color, full-motion technology flexibly and instantly presents up to 360 degrees of ribbon-style video, animation, adverts, and live information to fully immerse your viewers in the game-day experience. 


  • Unmatched real-world contrast and overall color fidelity.
  • High efficiency design overcomes harsh interior lighting conditions.
  • Daktronics processes color in a gamut that exceeds HDTV standards while maintaining full color depth.
  • Lighter and thinner than typical fascia displays, reducing installation expenses and improves aesthetics.
  • Fanless operation ensures quiet, yet powerful performance.
  • Advanced video processing produces crystal-clear, detailed images with smooth motion reproductions.
  • Image data is distributed to individual LED modules from multiple directions and power redundancy is also available.
  • Image feeds delivered in both standard and high-definition formats.
  • Engineered for ease of service with top and front access.
  • Integrates seamlessly with a variety of other Daktronics video products.

Daktronics Indoor LED Ribbon Board Displays Specifications

Pixel Configuration

RGB 3-in-1 SMD

Lifetime (.5 brightness)

100,000 hours

Calibrated Brightness

up to 2,000 nits (cd/m²)

Color Capacity

16 bit, 281 trillion colors

Horizontal Viewing Angle


Vertical Viewing Angle

140º (+60/-80º off center)

Available Pixel Pitches

Line-and-column spacing is the distance between pixel centers on a display, which impacts clarity and intensity at certain viewing distances. Click a pixel pitch to see installations in our project gallery.


3.9 mm   |   5.9 mm   |   10 mm   |   15 mm

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