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Two-Line Drag Racing Display


Paint Color

About Our Popular Colors

Striping Color


Caption Color


Digit Color

ColorSmart LEDs

Our ColorSmart® digits respond to the changing events during your game. Show which team is ahead and whether the game clock is stopped, running or under one minute by changing colors between red, amber and green.

Caption Style

Vinyl Captions

Scoreboards come standard with white HOME and GUEST captions. A popular, low-cost upgrade replaces HOME with your school name.

Standard captions are vinyl, applied to the display face or a reversible caption panel.

Backlit Captions

Nighttime viewing is no longer a hassle. Backlit captions in white vinyl lettering improve readability for viewers.

Team Name Message Centers

Easily add or change names of home and guest teams on your scoreboard. This option is perfect for tournaments and multi-school facilities.

Electronic Captions

The versatility of a scoreboard increases when you choose full electronic captions. This enables you to quickly change to different sports.

Name/Logo Accents

Show school pride with your team mascot or school name. Work with your sales person to finalize details and our design team will create options for you.

Sponsor Panels

Recognize sponsors. Work with your sales person to finalize details.

Add Sponsor Panel

Video Display

Add to the fan experience with replays, animations, player profiles, and upcoming events. Sponsor revenue generated via video displays can often pay for your scoring system. Different sizes and resolutions available.

* Option not shown on illustration.

Audio System

Achieve superior sound quality for music and announcements, overcome crowd noise with a single-point sound system, identify your school or sponsors on printable mesh.

Add Audio System*

* Selection is not shown on illustration.


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About This Product


The DR-2482 outdoor LED drag racing display alternates between showing speed in miles per hour (MPH) and elapsed time (ET). The DR-2483 has a DR-2482 as the bottom section, which always shows speed, along with a top section to show elapsed time. Optional win light may be mounted underneath or on top of display to show a true win (amber) or a foul (red). Displays are typically sold in pairs to go on either side of the drag strip. Displays shown with red PanaView® digits. Beam size and placement are for illustrative purposes only.

Weather-Sealed Digits

Don't let corrosion bring your scoreboard down on game day. Daktronics weather-sealed digits significantly increase reliability and product performance. No other LED scoreboard manufacturer offers this kind of protection.

  • 1/8 inch layer of weather-tight silicone gel
  • Applied to front and back of internal digits
  • Completely seals out moisture
  • Unmatched resistance to the harshest of conditions