​​​​​​​​Scoreboard Digit Options - Indoor

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are used in all Daktronics scoreboards. LEDs require less power and last up to 16 times longer than incandescent lamps. Daktronics was one of the first major display companies to use LED technology in scoreboards, programmable message centers and video displays. Daktronics offers three different LED digit technologies suitable for different applications.

PanaView Digits

PanaView Digits

Daktronics PanaView® digits are robust and strong, especially designed for Daktronics ​Tuff Sport® scoreboards.

Through-hole LEDs

  • Offer money-saving advantages of LED technology
  • Protrude directly through the display face for a wider viewing angle
  • Outshine incandescent lamps and previous LED technologies
  • Game clock digits: amber
  • Game score digits: red

​UniView Digits

Daktronics patented UniView® digits provide the advantages of money-saving LED technology while retaining a clean, sleek “bar” look.

Uniform Bar-type Digit

  • Use a specially designed diffuser
  • Provide a uniform glow
  • Excellent viewin​g angle
  • Game clock digits: amber
  • Game score digits: red

ColorSmart Digi​ts

With ColorSmart® digits the scoreboard can respond to the ever changing events of the game.

Enhanced Capabilities

  • Follow the flow of the game
  • Change colors between red, amber, and green
  • Use a specially designed diffuser
  • Provide a uniform glow

Watch ColorSmart Video

ColorSmart Digits

Game Clock Digits

Game Clock Digits

  • Green: clock running
  • Red: clock stopped
  • Am​ber: clock running under one minute 

Game Score Digits

Game Score Digits

  • Green: team ahead
  • Red: team behind
  • Amber: teams are tied

Scoreboard Digit ​Options - Outdoor

PanaView Digits

Through-hole LEDs

Daktronics PanaView digits fully utilize the LED's specific cone of light, resulting in displays with dramatically enhanced viewing angles.

Through-hole LEDs

  • Weather-sealed against harsh outdoor environments
  • Protrude directly through the display face
  • Produce a brighter appearance and wider viewing angle than other LED digits

Available Digit Colors

Amber Digit


Red Digit


White Digit


Mixed Digit Colors

To further customize the scoreboard, mix and match digit colors within one display.

Game Info Red, Score Amber

For example, game information can be red, while the team digits are amber.

Game Info Amber, Score Red

Or try a different configuration, with amber game information and red team digits.

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